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Jan 8, 2007 03:47 PM

my prescott experience. (reporting back)

golden gate oriental cuisine- they had an awesome awesome chinese beer i had never had before (i forget the name, it was wrapped in a thin cloth with chinese characters on it and tied at the neck with a gold elastic) and a really above average hot and sour soup (really delish, lots of seaweed, tofu, waterchestnuts...) great texture, made me feel good to eat it. i would go back there just for these two things.

mr. mango and i were excited because they had our favourite- oriental roast duck- on the menu but that turned out to be the biggest duck dissappointment ever. overcooked, the meat was grey and pretty lifeless and the dish really just didnt have any sort of flavour. we were very sad as we liked the decor, the service and the other two elements of the meal.

however, i would really like to go back and try the orange beef dish and the chicken w/ eggplant. they really look like interesting dishes. since they did the soup so well i would really like to give this place another chance. there seem to be a lot of regulars.

el charro- if you ever have an inclination to go here, ABORT! ABORT! abysmal food. absolutely awful. no flavour. terribly gringo, just a mess. gah. nothing redeeming about this place at all.

gurley st grill- oh man, probably the best food we had in prescott. good beers on tap, happy hour specials at the bar only.

when we walked in we eyeballed the rotisserie chicken which just looked...amasing. and smelled even better. completely fragrant with rosemary and browning gorgeously in the window. what a ploy, how could anyone (even non-foodies) resist? seriously.

they brought us bread which was pretty gross as it was made with chopped garlic (im sorry, what?!)

we got the artichoke pizza as an app which i also didnt enjoy (chopped garlic again?! disgusting, come on, guys.)mr. mango really wasnt offended by the chopped garlic and said he enjoyed the pizza a bit.

BUT...then we got the rotisserie fried chicken. holy god. rotisseried and then hand breaded and fried, the rosemary had infused perfectly into that succulent chicken flesh, giving it a genuine flavour that wasnt superimposed or overwhelming. the breading was crisp and not oily, it was simply a perfect dish. dissappointingly, when i talked to the manager he told me young's farm, where they source their lovely little chickens from is closing soon. terrible news. the chicken itself was definately of a very high quality. the chicken was served with a nice, big pile of very tasty sweet tater fries. this whole dish gets my approval. what a gorgeous little meal, and the price was excellent as well.

streets of new york pizza- nice pizza, very decent. very expensive. everything was very fresh and i really simply cant complain. we had the pizza with italian sausage, tomatoes, and onion. well seasoned, nice cheese, the tomatoes werent white and mealy... i think they also deliver, which isnt something a lot of the businesses in this area seem to do. a very well run and nice looking little pizzeria too.

authentic thai cuisine- not bad, not great. ive had thai food in dc, what do you expect me to say? no beer, either. and i love our libations so that sort of hurts their image in our books.

dinner bell cafe- had a really lovely mexamerican breakfast here. huevos rancheros made with free range eggs served with a really nice little pico de gallo and an unoffensive glob of fresh guac, warm corn tortillas. mushed it all together into a yolky delish mess and put it in said tortillas with their homemade salsa. this was really tasty diner food, good prices, tiny adorable atmosphere. incredibly tasty, really funny waitress. nice smoothies too (which i needed as we were both awfully hungover). also, they had 4 different hot sauces on the table: regular tobasco, chalula(i think...), chipotle tobasco (a great hot sauce, in my opinion), and the green mild tobasco. they also offer their homemade salsa which isnt too bad. mr mango was unavailable for comment on his barely touched omelette as his hangover turned out to be too intense for any sort of gastronomic pleasure. but i would definately be a regular here.

i wasnt there very long, i will probably be relocating to that area shortly and im looking forward to trying in n out burger (im an east coaster, ive never had one!), the prescott brewing company, hugos mexican cantina, the rose, bin 239 (mr mango and i tried to eat here but theyre taking a break for the season, currently), and trish's slow food cafe.

and oh, the happy hours. but thats another post. but one dollar beers? this is my kinda town. thanks, whiskey row.

thanks for the recs, yall. just thought id report back.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Great report. Of the ones you tried, I've been only to Gurley Street Grill, which although not my personal favorite, remains a good choice for family outings with kids.

      As for Golden Gate, I must have driven by that restaurant dozens of times. I'll have to stop in sometime soon.

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      1. re: silverbear

        gurley st. grill seems very hit or miss. if i had ordered something besides the chicken i probably wouldnt have enjoyed the meal half as much. it seems to be the shining star on the menu. i'm worried about what will happen if they have to start using conventional chickens, the degree of quality in the chicken seems to really make the dish. we'll see.

        please report back with what you try at golden gate. hopefully we can find some good entrees there to round out my otherwise lovely experience.

      2. The Chinese beer you had is Harbin. I love the presentation on it!

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          oh, great! so glad you could supply a name for me. the presentation is absolutely gorgeous. very solid asian beer, i'm glad i got the opportunity to try it. the waiter reccommended it and i couldnt be more pleased.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We didn't like Gurley street grill, food was eh, my chicken pot pie had maybe 1 small slice of chicken in it and out of 12 of us, only 3 liked/enjoyed their food. Service was very slow. Does it really take 15 min to bring 12 drinks? Then we had to wait another 15 after he dropped off the drinks for him to come back to take our app. order. So 30 min into us being seated all's we had were our drinks (soda's and water)

            El Charro is truley awful, would never go back.

            We recommend Prescott brewery. Always had a good meal there.