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Jan 8, 2007 03:46 PM

15 guest for dinner

Hello fellow Chowhounds!!
On the 21st I am having over 15 guests for dinner. My hubby is basically the cook in the family and I am the one who LOVES to eat. But that night I would like to make something myself for our guest. I want to keep it simple since I have two children at home who love my attention on Saturdays, and I don’t want to order something in. I was thinking some chicken with potatoes, or raviolis with a good meat sauce. What are your some of your ideas on this? Thank you in advance.

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  1. i made chicken marbella over the weekend...the recipe from the silver palate cookbook...and it couldn't be easier. there recipe is for 10-12 servings, but you could up it, no problem.
    it marintates over night, then pop it in the oven for about an can throw some potatoes or other veggies into the oven at the same time.

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      I was catering my father's wedding 25 years ago, and on the night before, snipped off a fingertip. I had to change the menu to accomodate one hand, and made this dish, which was hugely loved by all attending. I guess I just want to say that you can make this with one hand, and everyone will love it.

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        OUCH!!! I am to try this, sounds yummy...

    2. Something really simple that looks fancy is a stuffed tenderloin. You cut it and pound it flat, layer stuffing (whatever you'd like), roll it up, let it rest and then bake. Out of the oven, you slice it and you have the spirals. I don't usually use a recipe but this recipe looks simple:

      You can do parsley/baked potatoes--cut them, par boil them first (can do this in advanced). Put on baking tray, drizzle beef tenderloin juice over it w/ olive oil, seasoning, bake until browned. At the same time, you can do roasted beans (check out the other threads on them). If you have your heart set on roasted chicken, you could do these sides w/ a roasted chicken, too.

      1. Thank you both, I just might try the chicken marbella, looks good.

        1. The pozole which was much discussed this weekend would be good and everyone could dress his and her stew they way they would like.

          1. I have done the chicken marbella. I have a couple of their cookbooks, and I use them often.
            Another idea that you could do with either chicken breasts or thighs is a chicken with white wine and a tomato sour cream sauce. It is easy. Once the chicken is browned you can put it into the oven with the tomatoes and white wine, then add the sour cream just before you serve it. Serve it over a lovely pasta or rice.