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Jan 8, 2007 03:34 PM

Gaetana's Cucina Italiana

The other night my wife and I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting friends at a restaurant in the west village and we found Gaetana's Cucina Italiana. I know it sounds like a restaurant (and it is) but the bar is a good size so we went in and had a great time. The owner/bartender Frank is really friendly and got his recipe ideas from his mom. We tried the stuffede artichoke appy and it was terrrific. We want to go back for dinner and wondered if anyone else could give us feedback or suggestions.

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  1. I had dinner last night at Gaetana's and it was great! Friendly service and hand made pizza and pasta was perfect. Atmosphere also very nice and reminded me of an old time Italian Restaurant feel. Artichoke was perfect.

    1. I think they use finely chopped olives in the stuffing for the artichokes, I gotta get that recipe!

      1. Where is the place?

        1. It's on the corner of Christopher and Greenwich st

          1. Is this place new? Is it tiny or would it be good for a large group? thanks.