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Jan 8, 2007 03:33 PM

Peychaud's Bitters

Does anyone know if they're available in Metro-West or further (Worcester, etc.), or Rhode Island, Connecticut?

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  1. i believe i have seen them at berkshire liquors in danbury, ct..they at least have had a few Fee Bros products..i have bought orange bitters there recently anyway..if i am nearby i will check for you....

    fee brothers has a website too..dont know if you can order them..

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    1. re: fenway68

      Thanks fenway68. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to be in Danbury for quite a while (used to go much more often). I still need to check with Yankee Liquors in Sturbridge (much closer for me).

      I've also noticed that I can buy Peychaud's over the internet, and they're only $4! Too bad the shipping costs $10!!!

    2. I'm interested in places vaguely near New Hampshire as well. My last bottle of Peyshaud's Bitters was actually bought in New Orleans.

      1. found 'em..

        my local store in Newtown CT ordered some form me...they are available through the same disributor that sells Sazerac beer...

        now, here's the thing, my store, didnt just get one bottle in, he got a whole if you need one, i guess i could ship it to you, (probably less than 10 bucks total..) or if you are driving through, he;s right off exit 11 of I-84

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        1. re: fenway68

          Thanks fenway68. Again, I don't spend any time down that way anymore (used to live in New Britski, and traveled the state.)

          Actually, I'll be on the road tomorrow (Tuesday) in Providence, Attleboro, Plainville. Anyone know if Yankee Liquors carries them? How about any stores in Metro Providence?