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Jan 8, 2007 03:27 PM

Good, bad, or neutral potato idea?

If I rub several unpeeled baking potatoes with oil or butter, and bake them *in a covered Le Creuset*, do you think it would it make a difference in texture? Moister? In a good way, or a mushy way?

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  1. The point of the oil or butter is to help the skins get crisp. Putting them in a covered casserole is going to steam them. The texture will not be as pleasing unless you like moist potatoes.

    1. Basically, they'll steam. If you use a _lot_ of fat, they'll sort of shallow fry at the same time. I don't know what you're looking to achieve, but it sounds pretty unappetizing to me.

      1. I was hoping for magic, like what the Le Creuset does for meat..

        1. Le Creuset doesn't really "do magic", it just makes easier the technique that does the magic. You could make a good beef daube in a #10 can with a piece of aluminum foil if you were willing to put the effort into it (constantly adjusting the heat and moving it around to keep the heat even, etc.) ;) For baking potatoes, the desired process is different - you need dry heat for the "classic" mealy baked potato. If you like that softer, somewhat steamed texture, wrapping 'em in aluminum foil is more effective than I think putting them in a Dutch oven would be.