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Jan 8, 2007 03:13 PM

Central Michel Richard

I know Central just opened, but has anyone been and is it worth going to? Thanks!

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  1. Daily Candy had a piece about Central this morning.
    1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW - I saw that place last week and wondered what it was.
    They described it as a democratized version of Citronelle. Lobster burgers, fried chicken, frisée salad with poached eggs, marinated mussels, and a raw bar. This is all the stuff that Richard does so damn well. Can't believe it won't be good.
    I'm heading there this week for sure. Not even going to wait out a shake-down period. DC needs a place like this!

    1. MakingSense,
      The Daily Candy piece was what prompted me to post on Chowhound. I'm tempted to head down there myself tonight after work. Just in case I don't, please do post your thoughts after visiting!

      1. I was there the night it opened, and the food is great...what you would expect from Michel Richard. The awesome lobster burger from the bar at Citronelle is there, the fried oysters are amazing, fries are the best town. Also liked the hangar steak and especially the "onions carbonara," ribbons of Vidalia onons with bacon and cream, served on the side. Nice wine list, and prices are very reasonable for such special and sophisticated food. I'm sure it won't be long before it's hard to get a table.

          1. I was there last night and it was AMAZING. The food was fantastic, especially the hangar steak and the mussels. I also really loved the faux gras appetizer. Desserts were great too, and plenty of good wines. 2 of us got out of there with 2 appetizers, 4 glasses of wine, 2 entrees, one dessert and 2 cappuccinos for $120. Can't beat that... and Michele Richard's food to boot!

            I imagine this place will be consitently packed for a long time! Make a reservation now...