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Sushi in Berkeley???

Does anyone know of a good sushi place in Berkeley? I recently moved here and have been researching places to eat via yelp, however I'm finding them to be largly underwhelming in alot of the feedback. I don't really like rolls, I'm much more of a sashimi kind of person. Thanks!

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  1. Sushi Sho on Solano is my favorite. Kirala on the south side of town also good.

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      This four-year-old topic was dormant for four years until it got bumped this morning. Sushi Sho closed in the meantime and has not reopened in its new location:


      Some other recommendations may be out of date.

      Mitama Restaurant
      3201 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

      Uzen Japanese Cuisine
      5415 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

      Sushi Sho
      1645 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

      Genki Japanese Restaurant
      1610 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

      Sushi Banzai
      1019 Camelia St, Berkeley, CA 94710

    2. Genki on San Pablo and Cedar is good.

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        Say more re Genki--got another recommendation a while back, but don't recall the details, curious as to what's good there, what's not, etc.

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          They have chawanbushi, which is pretty cool, as does Norikonoko. Norikono is great for ambience and traditional home cooking, but no sushi.

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              Sorry, sticky keyboard (I was eating chocolate)!

      2. uzen is the best but slightly outside of berkeley

        1. Ichiban Japanese Restaurant, 2017 Shattuck, near Berkeley Bowl, is my favorite. There's always a crowd. And their tempura is the best I've had in the East Bay. There's another excellent Japanese restaurant on Solano, just a few doors East of San Pablo, a great little whole in the wall. Sorry I can't recall the name.

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            Do you mean Ichiban, which is downtown near campus, or Kirala, which is near Berkeley Bowl?

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              You're right, it is Kirala. Thanks for catching that. My apologies.

          2. Sushi Sho is my favorite, but you have to be patient when you go as there are only ten seats in the whole place.

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            1. Kirala is the best. It used to be super expensive but prices haven't gone up too much over the years. Aside from sushi, they have a great robata.

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                I had a moderate amount of Robata one night at the bar and it came to $80. It was good but...

              2. Nanajiro is up there too. It's on Shattuck and Channing. I've had their sashimi a few times and enjoyed it. Prices aren't too bad and the atmosphere has improved quite a bit compared to the other sushi place (or maybe the same place with a different name) at that same spot two years ago.

                1. A little farther afield but definitely good for sashimi is Yusan in El Cerrito. On San Pablo Ave across from the Home Depot.

                  Don't get confused by the other Japanese place right next door, it's good too, Yusan is better.

                  1. I recommend Tachibana Restaurant on College Ave. To me, it's Kirala quality without the wait.

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                    1. Kirala..best I have had in the East Bay.

                      1. Kirala's good and so far as I know the only robata bar in the area, but I don't know why people line up for their sushi.

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                          Tachibana also has a robata bar. It's pretty good and offers everything from whole squid and lobster tails to stuffed mushrooms.

                          1. let me weight in on this...! as a sushi aficionado, i like my fish fast and fresh, I've had pretty good experiences with Kirala 2 kiralaberkeley.com for takeout sushi, and Kyoto on Solano Avenue www.kyotosushiberkeley.com. Both places were delicious and easy on the wallet. I'd definitely recommend!

                            Kirala 2
                            1511 Shattuck Ave, Ste D Berkeley, CA 94709

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                              Have you tried the new Sushi 29 on Solano?

                            2. Yoshi's . . . it's not just for Jazz anymore . . .

                              Then again, it's in Oakland, not Berkeley.