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Calvados -- brands to look for or avoid

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I had a delicious calvados at a bar the other night, it was aged five-years, unfortunately I don't remember the name, starts with an "m" I think. anyway when going calvados shopping there are lots of options in a wide range of prices ($12-$50 at the last store I went to). I'd prefer to spend around $20 (or less if you have a recommendation), but don't want to waste my money. Suggestions?

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  1. Great brands are Huard, and Groult. Pere Magliore is awful. However, I don't know if you can get a tasty, not harsh Calva for your budget. You don't have to go for the really old stuff, a 15 year old calva can be really nice.

    Where do you live? If in NY try Union sq, 67 St, or Astor. Chicago, Sam's is the place.

    1. A Morin Calvados should be in your price range and fit the bill. You can find the Morin "Selection" for under $20, and their VSOP for a little above.

      1. Domaine L. Dupont is my favorite -- http://www.calvados-dupont.com/ -- regardless of price, and while less expensive than some, it's more than your "$20 or less" . . .

        In that range, one of the best (and widely available) that I've found is Daron Calvados ( http://www.daroncalvados.com/en/ ), which is owned by Cognac Ferrand and, while not as good (IMHO) as Dupont, Pierre Huet ( http://www.calvados-huet.com/ ), Lemorton ( http://www.charlesnealselections.com/... ) or Coeur de Lion ( http://www.coeur-de-lion.com/ ) -- it's relatively inexpensive, generally available and good enough to drink (as opposed to "only good enough for cooking").

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            Also a couple of hard ciders . . .

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I work in NYC. Did a little follow-up and found the bar's menu of what I had ordered and enjoyed: "calvados meslon; five years old with fragrant with apple notes." Anyone know anything about this brand, for example if it isn't available what else would be similar?

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            Sorry. I've never heard of "Meslon."

          2. Just saw the Meslon listed on the drinks menu @ Tabla. Pays d' Auge (5 years) @ $8.00. That's pretty cheap considering how nice Tabla is.

            AS least we now know it's a Pays d'Auge.

            1. Out of the two brands of Calvados available at the state stores in PA, Boulard or Coeur de Lion, Boulard is by far my favourite. I'm very glad to read the other recommendations on this post, as it gives me an idea of what to buy next time I'm in NYC (or just out of PA). So, thanks!