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Jan 8, 2007 02:58 PM

La Esquina downstairs

Whats the deal, is it pricey? Is it complete different menu from the cafe upstairs?

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  1. Its a different menu. And pricier. Not ridiculous, but relatively pricey for Mexican. I really enjoyed the food on my one visit.

    1. Our last visit was about a year ago when they tried to seat three of us at a table that was far too tiny (though we'd made a reservation for three) and then the service continued to be unprofessional (after they'd finally agreed to seat us at an empty larger table). Food was not good enough to warrant the service.

      1. I ate at the above casual restaurant and was very surprised by the place. It wasn't outstanding but the food was solid, the service was nice, and very relaxing for an early saturday evening.

        They did try to upsell us on drinks all night though. I found it to be a good alternative to Cafe Habana now that its impossible to get a table there.