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Jan 8, 2007 02:57 PM

Best Asian grocery store between SS and Herndon?

Or somewhere between Montgomery County and Northern Virginia ... Yes, a tall order, I know, but I know y'all are the ones who will know.

My friend and I are hoping to go to one or two really good stores, focusing mostly on Thai and Vietnamese ingredients, somewhere between those two areas. We'd rather not drive all over the place, if possible. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Super H in Fairfax IMO is the best single Asian store in the DC area, but focuses mostly on Korean and Chinese type things, tho it does have Thai and Vietnamese as well. Some of the stores in Rockville may (or may not) have more of what you are looking for--perhaps others have more information. There is a Thai store near Bangkok 54 in Arlington.

    1. You might want to hit the Eden Center in Falls Church for your Viet groceries. Down Rt 7, I believe there's a little Thai grocery run by the folks who own Dungrat?

      1. If you want chinese goods, which you didn't specify you did, Great Wall is the best option in this area. It's in Merrifield. Avoid any Korean grocery store for chinese goods as they just don't stack up.

        If you want Thai goods, there's a Thai market called Duangrat's and it's next to Lucky 3 chinese restaurant on Leesburg Pike. This is where I stock up on my Thai Iced tea leaves and instant packs. For vietnamese goods, go to Eden Center in seven corners. They have a dingy supermarket there, but you should be able to find all the viet goods you need.

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          Just to avoid confusion,the dry cleaning place is next to Lucky 3 on Leesburg Pike.

          Duangrat's Market is across the street to the east of Lucky 3, on your left as you exit Lucky 3. The market is bordered on one side by Rabieng, Duangrat's country incarnation (a really tasty restaurant, by the way) and, on the other side, a spectacular Greek market. Don't miss their yogurt. You'll never touch American yogurt again.

          1. re: loafing meat

            Oh good lord -- good Thai and Greek so close together? I might never go home! :b

        2. There's a Thai market in downtown Silver Spring and one in Wheaton.

          1. Certainly not the best in the area, but just FYI, there is an asian market in Herndon. It's on Spring St. near FFX Cnty Pkwy. If you find Reston Glass, it's behind it, across from Amphora bakery (sorta). Outside of produce and meat, it's not bad.