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Jan 8, 2007 02:49 PM

Best Chinese Food in Scottsdale ?

Where would one go to find great Chinese food in Scottsdale AZ? I'm looking for fresh ingredients, high quality preparation, not looking for least expensive or buffet. Thanks !!

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  1. Is your inquiry strictly limited to Scottsdale? I think you might find "good-enough" Chinese food within Scottsdale limits, but for the best options in Chinese food, it would be necessary to travel to other parts of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

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      Thank you for clarifying, I am not limited to Scottsdale,, would appreciate hearing recommendations for the greater Phoenix area...thank you !!

    2. I'm afraid I agree. I got spoiled my the amount of good asian food when I worked near the I17 and Camelback and now I am frustrated that I can't get any good dim sum in scottsdale.

      1. forget it. there isn't any.

        BUT, hop on the 101, and head to golden buddha.

        1. Haven't been there for dinner, but we do dim sum once or twice a month at GB. :) It's our favorite place for it.

          1. Hi all,

            We've always had good luck with Tottie's (SW corner McClintock/Thomas) Shanghai Palace in south Scottsdale. Excellent shrimp fu yong [they all seem to spell it differently - haha!], and they always serve a moderate-sized menu of dim sum (not just weekends). The owner is Laotian, so there are sometimes a couple of interesting dishes on the menu. Great homemade ice creams for dessert in unique flavors as well. If you visit on a weekday, check out the British gourmet shop next door.

            You might want to type in the restaurant's name in the search area; most likely there is a link to a discussion about Tottie's.

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              Shanghai Palace is quite good, yes. I can definitely say get the Tottie Rolls, they're outstanding.