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Jan 8, 2007 02:36 PM

Favorite Mail-Order Chocolateir?

I've recently been trying out some chocolates through mail-order.

I loved Garrison's Confections, but didn't even like Nirvana Chocolates (through Chocolate Source). I was mediochre with Swan's chocolates.

I am waiting on an order from Hauser Chocolates.

What are your favorite mail-order chocolates?

I especially liked ordering from Hauser (in CT) because they let me choose which types of chocolates to put in the box. Also, I didn't have to pay $15.00 for shipping. I'm odd, but I don't like chocolates made with hazlenuts, and so many places do so much with hazelnuts!

Do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Burdick is excellent...their penguins & mice make very nice party favors and/or gifts, too...

    many others also do mail order...a excellent but less well known one is pierre marcolini....

    You can also try La Maison du Chocolat and Richart

    1. My sister always gives me chocolates for Christmas. She had been buying Godiva, but this year she decided to try See's. The See's are better than Godiva, but they are still a notch or 2 below what I am capable of making myself or what I have had in Montreal or Europe.

      A co-worker on mine, who is well aware of my chocolate addiction sent a sampler of Jacques Torres Chocolates. I have only sampled a few of them , but the quality and creativity have set a new level for American Chocolateir to strive for.

      1. I don't think you're odd at all about the use of hazelnuts -- I don't dislike hazelnuts, but too many European chocolatiers use waaaay to much gianduja (hazelnut chocolate).

        I love See's (although I usually stick to the dark chocolates), but it's not "gourmet" chocolate (and it's priced accordingly). What's nice about ordering See's mail order is that you can custom pack your box -- you don't have to settle for whatever assortments the confectioner is offering.

        One "gourmet" chocolatier that doesn't get mentioned very often is Woodhouse in Napa Valley. They do mail order:

        I wasn't impressed by Nirvana, except for the caramels, which were delicious.

        A kind 'hound sent me some LA Burdick's once, and they were wonderful.

        This topic comes up pretty frequently (especially around the holidays), so you might want to search for some of the older threads (which are quite extensive).

        1. Fran's chocolates out of Seattle. Listed as Oprah's favorites a while ago. They are absolutely a Chowhound find. The best are the smoked salt caramels (dark or light) The coconut bars are yummy too. The sea salt on top of the chocolate dipped caramels are out of this world.

          1. I already got my truffles from Hauser Chocolates. I just wanted to update and say that they are delicious. And I can't believe how fast it arrived. And the nice thing is they didn't force me to pay for overnight shipping. I chose standard and got it in two days.