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Jan 8, 2007 02:29 PM

Boston <> Killington road food?

Any unique or superb roadside stops not to be missed?

Breakfast, lunch, takeout, syrup spots or cheese-stands? With newborn, so casual and fairly fast are preferable.

{ not with mother-in-law on this road trip, for responders to my other question }

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  1. It depends on which road you take. If you go through Ludlow, VT on Rte. 103 (about 10 miles south of Killington), then you could travel a couple of miles past the Rte. 100N turn off, and on your left will be the Crowley Cheese retail outlet. And a couple of miles more on the right is Harry's Cafe in Mt. Holly.

    1. Baba Louis bakery in Chester has good lunches and bakery goodies and is pretty kid-friendly:

      Also, for a treat, just down the road is Grandma Miller's bakery in Londonderry:
      Also in Londonderry is Taylor Farm Cheese, noted for their farmstead goudas:

      If you're coming up 91, you could get off in Brattleboro, and head west on Rt. 9 into Wilmington and have some superior pancakes at Dot's. Then you could mosey up Rt. 100. Or, right outside of Brattleboro is the Chelsea Royal Diner for good diner eats.

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      1. And of course, if you're in Brattleboro, you might as well stop at McNeills for the cask conditioned ale (usually three available).

        If you're taking the more usual route (I-89 to Rte. 4), and you're looking for a beer, stop in W. Lebanon at the 7-Barrel Brewery. The beer is good (but the food/service isn't always on a par).

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          Umm... RI, we share the passion for the hops & malt but I think you read OP a little too briskly. They're traveling with a newborn. I'm having a little trouble envisioning that tableau in McNeills :)

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            Oops. All I noticed, was no mother-in-law.

        2. Brunch at Burdick's Chocolates in Walpole, NH.

          1. Good breakfasts at the Foothills Cafe, Warner NH, exit 8 off of I-89. Huge pancakes and cinnamon buns.