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Jan 8, 2007 02:18 PM

Lemeac - question

Hi folks,

I went to Lemeac for the first time recently, (I just moved to mtl) and really, sorry to say that but I was wondering what the fuss is about. I have found Lemeac to be ok, good, but I won't go back.I wwent with my wife and our 2 teenagers and it felt kind of pretentious. They didn't explain the wines to us ) we had the wine pairing) and the service was impersonal. The meals were served almost cold.

Let me know if I missed out on something, maybe it was just a bad night.


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  1. You really must have been there on a hell of a bad day.

    I've been to Lemeac at least 50 times and I never had a bad experience, food was always perfectly done, service was impecable, wine service was done nicelly, without pushing for an expansive bottle, and not beeing snubbed by ordering a lower cost wine.

    I've been there at nearly all hours of the day; for the brunch, for early and late dinner, on a jam packed night, on a slow night; sitting either at the bar and at a table.

    1. Wine pairing at Leméac ???? mmm... strange

      bad day, good day... it's a bistro, you're part of the show.