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Jan 8, 2007 02:15 PM

Anmol - Beverly...excellent!

SO and I visited Anmol in Beverly for the first time on Friday night. We live in Gloucester and are constantly bemoaning the lack of affordable, mid-range restaurants that serve good food. It has been on our list to try for some time.

Parking - there is none. We finally found a spot on a dark, deserted side street about a 3-5 minute walk. Beverly needs more non-resident parking!

Welcome and décor - We were greeted at the door by several wait staff. When they went to seat us in a booth by the door I requested one further back, away from the draft. No problem, they complied and were quite friendly. There were two "dining rooms" with some booths and some tables. Quirky, yet warm décor and atmosphere. Felt casual and comfortable. We got water, menus, drink lists and the specials right away.

The start - A server brought some pappdums and chutneys/sauces to the table. Very good, crisp and slightly spicy. They offered to refill, we declined. We were served water, but no one took our drink order. No big deal. We ordered apps, dinner and drinks all at once. I was worried about the pace....

Drinks and apps - 2 Kingfisher beers on tap - very good, complimented all the food nicely. We had ordered the vegetarian platter, which was enough for two. Everything was fried, but not greasy. The samosa was first rate. As I am an infrequent Indian diner (mostly take-out) I forget the names of the other apps, but they were all very good.

Main meal - SO got chicken tikka masala and I got aloo saag. We ordered naan, pasamashawry (sp?) naan and rice to share (rice included with meal). We each sampled a bit of both and they were fabulous. The chicken tikka was moist and flavorful. The aloo saag (ordered medium) was perfectly spiced with plenty of potato. I found the pasamashwary naan to be too sweet, SO really enjoyed it. Naan was fresh and just enough butter brushed on top to add a bit of flavor, but not alter taste or texture.

We both ordered a second beer and were so full we had no room for dessert. They brought a glass jar with fennel seeds and a small spoon with the check and were kind enough to explain why. SO decided to partake, I dislike fennel. Regardless, very nice gesture.

No worries about the timing. Apps were enjoyed and cleared, meal appeared a few minutes later and the check was not brought until we were about finished with our second drink. Wow, now that's nice! Service was super attentive and very friendly. I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed when there are multiple servers, but everyone was so friendly it wasn't an issue.

We dined with about 4 or 5 other parties in the restaurant, SO said there were a few other patrons in the bar/lounge. Three or four people also came in for take-out. Should be busier on a warm Friday night. Total tab was $63 (apps, 4 beers, two entrees, two naan and 20+% tip). Not bad.

Overall, we can't wait to go back, to dine in and for take-out. We really enjoyed the food and the service. I want to spread the word as I want this place to succeed and stay around!! We can't complain about the N Shore's lack of places if we don't patronize ;-) Enjoy fellow CH's!

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  1. Sounds intriguing! Where in Beverly is the restaurant?

    On a related note, I saw a sign in Marblehead's Village Plaza that an Indian restaurant would be opening there soon.

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      It is on Rantoul's the website:


    2. There's a small parking lot on the side of the building that you should check out. I don't think anyone really knows about it . . . there seems to always be a spot. Amnol presents some of the best Indian food that I've tasted.

      1. love that place. I refer the place to everyone. Everyone who took my advice loved it. The staff is really nice and a great place to bring small kids for lunch. The food is good too. I like them much beter than passage to india in salem. I always feel like I am being rushed out of PTI and the kids are not really welcome there.

        1. We're planning to have dinner at this restaurant this weekend. If you've been there, do you have any suggestions for what to order? Especially for something that is particularly good there, that you can't experience (at least not made as well) at your typical Indian place?


          1. Ate there this weekend joining some friends to help select a wedding caterer, so we got to taste many dishes. This was the third Indian restaurant we hit in 4 days.

            There were some things they did well. The Naan was very puffy, had a good texture, though it did not have as rich a flavor as the naan at punjabi dhaba (just ate there last night... I think I might be overdosing on Indian) The samosa had a good crust. they had an unusual app that was basically tandoori chicken fingers. kind of like a corn dog but with tandoori chicken in the center.

            Our host was very nice and friendly.

            Chicken tikka masala and Baigen Bharta were good, but not great.
            However, all of the main dishes with sauce were very sweet, with more of the sweet spices (cinnamon, clove?) . The chicken Vindaloo was sweet and bland, and the chickpea dish (I forget the name) had more of the bitter chickpea flavor. The consistent sweet flavor across all of the dishes might not be apparent if you order only one or two, but it was quite striking over the maybe 8 main dishes we tried.

            I think overall I'd rate it below any of the central square indian restaurants.

            A non-food digression:
            If you do go (and are male) the stall in the mens room presents an unusual challenge of physics I had not previously considered. I'd say more, but it will spoil the surprise.