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Jan 8, 2007 02:13 PM

Macedonian / Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian / Basic Ex-Yugoslav place to buy Cevapi!

Hi folks,

Being new to the Boston / New England Area and coming from Ontario where there are large ex Yugoslav communities it is my hope that somewhere in the Worcester, Boston, or even Providence areas there are some shops that sell perhalps Cevapi or Burek or stop my heart perhaps some Macedonian feta made from dairy cows and not the sheeps milk variety? The very creamy kind of feta cheese! I hate having to truck this stuff down from Canada and am hoping fellow chowhounds that it does exist in Massachusetts somewhere!

Thanks again!

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  1. Cevapi is a reach. You might have to go to Sabur in Somerville to get your fix.

    As for "macedonian feta", I'd take a look at Roslindale Village. The greek fish store, Bob's Market (Syrian) and the Halal Butcher (not sure of name) all carry sirene from Bulgaria and I believe at least some of it is cow's milk, not sheep.

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      not sure what this is exactly, but you can try russian grocery stores in Brighton and Brookline- many many varieties of feta there

      BAZAAR in Brookline
      BAZAAR MARKET in Brighton on Cambridge street

      Also- armenian stores in Watertown carry many versions of feta ( ARAX market on Mt Auburn)

    2. Arax Market in Watertown, and Bazaar in Brookline, both carry Bulgarian feta, and have 4 or 5 different fetas to choose from.
      Berezka in Allston carries two kinds of Bulgarian in particular, one creamy, and one harder.

      1. Turkuaz market on Brighton Ave is a good source for feta, jufke for burek, and the like. You can also get a decent frozen burek from their freezer.

        For a time the Europa market in Lynn (or Revere?) had cevapi, a variety of smoked meat and sausages, Plazma keks, and mineral water from all you favorite republics -- and best of all, sour cabbage from Travnik! I know they were going to close, but I am not sure whether they have already.

        The Market Basket is a local grocery chain, and their Chelsea store has a small but decent Balkan section. Last time I was there they had the Macedonian "Gazda" brand sour cabbage in huge jars.

        If you want something mighty close to Tetovo pasulj, though, you'll have to go to Ed Hyder's market in Worcester.

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          The Market Basket in Chelsea now has smoked ribs, slanina, and sausages in the refrigerated section. The Bosnian aisle has a lot of ex-Yugsolav republic brands such as Bajadere, Raden ska Tri Srca, Jaffa Keks, Plazma Keks, Milka, Cokolino, Napolitanke, Pasteta, and much much more. Prijatno.

        2. Sevan in Watertown also carries a variety of feta, including Bulgarian. They have bureks, too, you might want to call or go check it out!