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Jan 8, 2007 01:51 PM

East Side Restaurant with Water View?

Anyone know of water view rest. on east side? Would like midtown location, but willing to travel. Thanks.

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  1. It's pretty quick to get over (via cab) to the River Cafe at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge (though you will need to have a car pick you up). That's one of the nicest views you can get. Food is good but not exactly haute cuisine. The Water Club in the 30's on the East River gives you the opposite views and the food is a notch weaker than the River Cafe.

    1. Water Club is definitely the place to go. Make sure you ask for a table near the window. The restaurant is on a boat and there is a bar outside on the top where you can get a drink and enjoy the view and fresh air before dinner. The food is not "the best" but is still very good, the scallops were excellent. The atmosphere and views make it worth it.

      1. There is another place in Long Island City which name escapes me now. It's around the more industrial area of LIC and the wind can sweep you away. But with the OK weather now it shouldn't be a problem.

        They have a wonderful fireplace inside so it can be a nice spot for a romantic dinner. Food is OK, they have outside tables--right on top of the water, and as far as I know, you can arrive to the restaurant by boat in the Summer time.

        There is also Riverview at the Avalon which I have never been to, so I can't comment on the food/service there.

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          The restaurant in LIC is Water's Edge.

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            I LOVE the Water's Edge -- if you sit outside on the dock, just before sunset, the views of Midtown Manhattan are incredible. I would call ahead to make sure the outdoor area is open. It's literally on the water: you can feed the ducks your extra bread. There's a free boat that takes you there from 34th St. and the East River. The food is perfectly fine, but nothing special