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Jan 8, 2007 01:31 PM

Any reviews of the new restaurants in Worcester?

There have recently been a rash of new restaurants popping up in Worcester: Coral Seafood on Shrewsbury Street, Bocado Tapas on Winter Street, and Tribeca on Shewsbury Street. Has anyone been to any of these new places yet, and how do they stack up to other local restaurants?

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  1. I loved Boacado Tapas ( and didn't love Coral Seafood (

    Someone else went to Bocado, but it seems you best make a reservation or you're in for a long wait.

    I haven't been to Tribeca.

    1. Also, how about Pearl Oyster? Haven't been. Not surprised about Coral...I was not impressed at their Marlborough location.

      1. Thanks, that is helpful. Sounds like Bocado is more worth it, maybe on a weeknight to avoid the crowds. Haven't heard anything about Tribeca yet. My friend got a gift certificate for her husband to go there, so I'll report back once they try it.

        1. Hit Bocado for the first time last night. They have a good concept and mostly succeed.

          Their portion sizes for tapas are dramatically larger than you might find in Boston or other cities, and the prices are reasonable (between $5 and $12, generally, per plate). Unlike in Boston, where you generally need to order at least 4 plates per person, you can make do with 3 each here due to the portion sizes. (The shaved steak on baguette was as big as a grinder, for goodness sake).

          One of the owners made her way from table to table to check on how diners were enjoying their meals -- a nice touch. There were plenty of servers floating around to pick up and drop off plates during our meal.

          We occasionally lost track of our waiter due to the increasing busy-ness after about 8:30, which made drinks difficult to order. The food quality was good, not spectacular. The bar looks like it will be a very lively location.

          I'd recommend it and suggest you give it a try.

          1. Has anyone tried Haiku yet, the new sushi place on Park Ave? So far, Zipango has been a disappointment for us, but Willy's in Shrewbsbury was excellent (if a little pricey).

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              I've been to Haiku several times. The rolls are delicious - the Tiger Eye is awesome. I don't recommend the Worcester roll - it's just weird. The tempura vegetables and shrimp are unbelievable delicious. And the grilled salmon entree is awesome - except for the unusual mango flavor - unripe mango, maybe?