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Jan 8, 2007 12:30 PM

huge Superbowl sandwiches in Manchester area?

anyone know where I can get one of those huge, 3ft long sandwiches that are popular for the Superbowl?

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  1. Two questions:

    1. Why? They are visibly impressive, but I usually think a tray of assorted 4" or 6" subs allows more choice.

    2. Manchester, NH?

    In any case, assuming NH, I know that Dannely's in Nashua is theoretically capable of making them (most of their subs are actually made from really long subs sliced up). They also do a land office business around the Superbowl. I'm pretty sure you can get them at Moe's Italian Subs, too. And of course, there is Subway, but you can probably do much better than that.

    I don't think that Bob Shaw's will do a party sub (he might, ask him), but he makes a really good sub.

    1. Doesn't D'Angelo's do those sandwiches or are they not around anymore?

      You should have Sausage Heaven do up some Muffelatta's - they are awesome!!!!!

      1. There's a place called George's in Raymond that does great, huge sandwiches. A friend makes a special trip from Manchester to buy them. They do pizza too:;_ylt=A...

        Another place that does great sandwiches is SkyMarket in Nashua off exit 1.

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          cheap and big......WalmartSuperstore in Amherst
          they will make to order, with some notice.