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Thai Nakorn-fire

It appears that Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove was gutted by a large fire last night.
With Renu Nakorn closed for remodeling, OC is going to be in a
"World of Hurt" concerning Thai Food?

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  1. Yes, I was about to post- looks like possibly the Southland's best Thai food place is out of action for at least a few months.


    1. You'll, have to make it over to Bangkok Taste in Santa Ana, definitely a contender
      It has more of a Renu Nakorn atmosphere.
      Although not heavy on the exotic, it has some surprising choices, such as khao soy, a Chiang Mai dish.

      Bangkok Taste is located in the Big Lots strip mall, 2737 N Grand Ave, just south of the 22.

      1. I saw it this morning but just caught the tail end of the story. Thanks for the info. Very sad.

          1. Very sad, indeed. I just visited for the first time last summer and enjoyed it very much. I was looking forward to many future visits.

            I hope they're able to rebuild the restaurant somewhere. Sad news indeed. :-(

            1. Thats terrible news. I was just there a week ago...

              Agreed with Curt regarding Bangkok Taste. Much smaller shop (with some odd hours) but some very good items coming out of the kitchen.

              1. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!


                1. Try Cha Thai on chapman and main (across from el pollo loco) in orange. Not Thai Nakorn quality but reasonable wannabe.

                  Or Thai Chili on Tustin and Taft, Orange.

                  1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! best wishes on a speedy recovery to Thai Nakorn.

                    1. Was just thinking of that place. Hope they can rebuild soon, I'm hungry for Thai food...

                      1. Try Vientiane in Garden Grove for excellent Laotian/Issan cuisine. They use homegrown fresh chili peppers that have the perfect heat-to-flavor ratio--not overpowering, but with a very nice bite to them. A Laotian friend took me here for lunch one day and I am hooked! There's just something oddly satisfying about eating larb and sticky rice with your hands. . . .

                        It's a tiny little place (maybe 4 tables total) in a small strip mall where the Pho 54 is located on Westminster Ave. just East of Brookhurst.

                        1. Good news. An update from the OC Register reports that the owners are definitely planning to re-open, but it will take more than 3 months to rebuild at the current location, so they are looking into possible new locations.


                          1. Since they own this location, could that mean we will see two stores again?
                            Now that would be great!

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