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Jan 8, 2007 12:05 PM

NoVa source for Indian spices

In one of her cookbooks, Nigella Lawson describes a potato dish made with the Indian spice mixture called Panch Puran. Can anyone point me to a NoVa source (Loudoun preferably) for it?

I've found an online source, but they charge $7.99 to ship a $2.99 item.

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  1. You could make your own:

    Panch Puran (also called Panch Phoran, Panch Phoron, or Bengali Five-Spice Mix) is a spice mixture used in Indian cuisine. It is made of equal parts of five spices:

    mustard seed (rai or shorshe) - some sources says "black mustard seeds," others just say "mustard seeds"
    fenugreek (methi)
    nigella seed (kalo jira)
    fennel seed (mouri)
    cumin seed (jeera)
    In some variations, wild onion is used in place of cumin. In other variations, radhuni seed is added to the mixture.

    The name simply means "five spices" in Bengali.

    In Bengali cuisine, the seeds are usually fried in oil (or ghee), which causes them to start crackling immediately. vegetables (especially potatoes), lentils, or fish are then added. It is not used with meat.

    Picture at

    1. Bengali/Bangladeshi Gocery Stores carry it. They are in the Shopping Center Between Edison and George Mason Dr. on North side of Lee Hwy in Arlington.

      1. I'm not positive, but Medina Market in the K-mart plaza in Herndon (at least close to Loudoun) has an extensive assortment of Indian and Pakistani spices. There is a second Indian supplies shop in the same plaza, so it would seem like a good bet.

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          Thanks for pointing me to the K-Mart plaza in Herndon. I found exactly what I was looking for at Indo-Pak Spices.

        2. The original comment has been removed