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Jan 8, 2007 11:33 AM


Anyone ever heard of or been to a place called " The get together, Drinks and Bites" ?
I stayed around the corner from this place( its on Vijzelstraat 49)and a local friend told me to go there.
It was the amazing. I am not sure if all funky little places around amsterdam are this good. I had to go back for a second dinner to make sure it wasn't a fluke. The chef came out and offered to do a five course menu for us which never ended.I have been to some pretty fancy top rated places but i have never had anything like this. I looked it up on line and the hotel its in makes it look like a nothing little place to go for drinks. I would highly recommend checking it out.

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  1. Interesting. What did you get and what did you pay for it ?

    Thomas W.

    1. i paid around 25 or 30 euro but i dont drink. i ate so many things he just kept sending out food. liver, which i usually dont like but the chef said it was so good and mild because of where it cam from an dhow its was raised. we had house tea smoked meat and salad and tomato soup with homemade crisp things and olive bruschetta. they make all the bread there. i think they make just about everything. we had oysters and some strange veg like a beet i think. and homade tagliatelli with mushrooms and a little piece of fish laid on top. and some filet with mustard sauce. for desert he served some mini brioche with some kind of french cheese he said only happened for like three weeks a year or something and then a creme brule (sp) which again i dont really like but he put the dish on a bed of i think it was verbana or some kind of leaf used in asia that smells like lemons. for some reason this made the dish some much more interesting. i am not doing the meal justice but it was so good. i still think about it.