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Guoyao Xiaoju Beijing

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After reading the review in Time Out last week, decided to try this place out. It's a very small place on Jiaodaokou Beisantiao, just off Andingmen, serving Tan family cuisine. The staff are very friendly, and though they don't speak much English, nor have an English menu, they seemed to be very accommodating to a group of foreigners who had no Chinese speaker among them at another table.

We let the staff recommend what to order, and were generally pleased with their suggestions. They strongly recommended a soup, so we went for one that included the well-reviewed fish stomach but also had other (unnamed) ingredients. It turned out to be nicely presented and to be very tasty in a very subtle sort of way. We also went for the duck rolls that Time Out liked so much (very good, as long as you like smoky duck) and for the roast pork (kind of uninteresting). Overall, the dishes were very good and the room was very attractive. Well worth a visit.

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  1. have you tried the Tan family menu at the Beijing hotel? How does it compare?

    1. No, I have not tried that. Is it any good? Not overpriced?

      1. I dont' know what a Tan family cuisine meal should cost. When I was in beijing, only the beijing fandian was serving it to the public. It's a cuisine created for a "mandarin" 官 family from the "South" (which is anything south of henan, so anhui is South, etc) who were living in Zhili province - so it (My understanding here) uses southern cooking techniques with northern ingredients - early fusion if you like.