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Best Romantic Restaurant?

a little help on this plz...None of that regular restaurant EX: Yamashiro...Castaway...L'Orangerie...Blue on blue...etc...something special romantic

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  1. My vote is for Grace. Classy decor, attentive service, great food.

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      love grace... FABULOUS food, and lots of it, too.

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        cool...THX never heard of it but will look into it..

      2. I recommend Michael's. Wonderful food in a sumptuous garden setting, and a fantastic wine list.

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          Ooh, I especially like the outdoor patio for Michael's.

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            any view at michaels?? what you think that is special or nice there??i

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                I went there and nothing special or nice...Thx any ways

              2. I think Piccolo, on a quiet side street off of Venice Beach is pretty romantic because it's so small, you sit close together, and the food is good.

                1. i'll second the rec for grace and il cielo. grace has better food, il cielo has a nicer feel in the outside dining patio.

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                      little door..Really crowded place and loud...Didnt enjoy anything but people all around you...Table was set too close to one another

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                        I wanted to like The Little Door, but I had a bad experience. I like my steak rare. But the waiter told me that their rare is really rare side and recommended me to order my steak medium rare. I told him again that I like it rare and he told me to trust him. I ended up with my steak almost medium. It ruined my entire night at the restaurant. I think he was just trying to be helpful, but I felt like he treated me as if I don't know what I was talking about.

                      2. Inn of the Seventh Ray


                        128 Old Topanga Canyon Road
                        Topanga, California 90290

                          1. Saddle Peak Lodge in the hills above malibu, actually calabasas off malibu canyon/ cold creek roads is very romantic. In the evening with sunset Paradise Cove Beach cafe with the beach to walk on and the pier can be romantic.

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                              THX malibu...I was thinking about saddle peak...But the drive is what Im worry about because Im always late..Hhhah

                            2. I think of Lucques and Melisse when I hear the word "romantic," but I think Grace is a great choice too.

                              1. More help on this would be nice...It's going to be a special dinner...My choice so far
                                The Sky Room (long Beach)
                                Ocean Ave Seafood (Santa Monica)
                                Inn of The Seventh Ray (Topanga)
                                Grace (west hollywood) [Never been there is it loud & crowded?]
                                Fins Creekside (Calabasas)
                                Sopra Spuntini & Bar (West Hollywood)
                                mchael's (Santa Monica)

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                                  I would go with Grace or Michaels. If the weather is nice, Michaels is particularly nice.

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                                    Grace and Michael's both have extended rooms in the restaurant to handle overflow, and while the restaurants are certainly busy, I would never describe them as loud.

                                    Michael's also has a lot of fun artwork on display, and I almost always will stay on the patio.

                                    Grace has no patio dining, but the interior is very well-appointed.

                                  2. Shanghai Reds in Marina Del Rey...very nice

                                    1. via veneto. On main, faintly lit, great, great food. Not cheap but worth it.

                                      1. Sent the daughter and boyfriend to Inn of the 7th Ray in Topanga. He popped the question there. Now he's the son-in-law. This place is magic.

                                        1. Just wondering which restaurant you decided on and how it went..

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                                            I decided on the SKY ROOM at Long beach ....and Ive change the date to valentines day because we are both so busy lately...I'll let you guys know how it went...

                                          2. is http://www.geoffreysmalibu.com/ consider a "regular"? I'm new to chowhound... so...

                                            there's also http://www.lorangerie.com/ s well

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                                              Unfortunately, L'Orangerie closed in January 07.

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                                                Ive heard of Geo and only good news comes from it but at this time, its quite cold. Also there s no views until the summer time..Ive been to alot of restaurant by the sea and learn from experience...

                                              2. What about in the Pasadena area?

                                                1. What's everyone's thoughts on One Pico in the Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica?

                                                  1. I would definetaly say La Cachette or Melisse. The service and food at both are impeccable and you can get dressed up-which always adds a romantic touch. (ps. get the foie gras, peking duck and chocolate souflee at La Cachette and the tasting menu at Melisse)

                                                    1. Find Grace to be wildly overrated. Far too much salt in the food for my taste. The most romantic spot in town has to be The Hotel Bel Air.

                                                      1. Absolutely Grace...

                                                        I went there for my 1-year anniversary with my GF... they asked if it was a special occasion and were appropriately accomodating in every which way.

                                                        The best table is #60... which is only available when the private dining room is open...

                                                        BUT when table 60 is available, it's the most romantic table in town. It has a low-cushioned bench in a corner so you can practically lie-down next to your significant-other as you enjoy a very good dinner.

                                                        Nothing else, romantically, comes close.

                                                        1. Grace seems to be in the lead, so you'll probably be impressing your significant other by going there, if nothing else. Personally, I'm a crab lover from the east coast and Grace's crab is not fresh, and I'm generally underwhelmed by the food. But the atmosphere would be appropriate and they have a nice selection of single malts. For romance, and if your date likes game, I would definitely go for a tasting menu if that's an option at Saddlepeak. Also, Providence's tasting menu when offered is heavenly (date must be okay with haute cuisine and small portions. My friend and I were stuffed -- surprisingly -- and couldn't finish dessert, which were hand-made truffles -- indescribably good). If you go to Geoffrey's reserve the patio edge (overlooks the ocean) at sunset. They'll tell you when sunset is or you can look it up on line. Inn at the Seventh Ray is extremely romantic and you can walk around. I've reviewed this place and am not thrilled with the food, but I'll bet there are lots of great things there I haven't tried. My favorite romantic restaurant is a tiny place called Sam's on W. Channel Road in Santa Monica. That's mostly because of the ambience, personal service and excellent food. Once again, they served game, which I must associate with romance for some reason : ) ??? Ocean Avenue Seafood is an excellent choice because they have such a diverse selection of oysters, which of course, are an aphrodisiac. If your friend likes oysters, OAS is a must. Hotel Bel Air is always nice and they've just remodeled, but haven't been there since. I don't find the restaurant to be too romantic, but the piano bar is, plus you can walk around the grounds and look for the swans. For romance, I like a fireplace, which they have at Ca del Sol. The food is fair, but exotic, which could impress your date. I enjoy the venison carpaccio, another appetizer with capon, and the barramundi when they have it.

                                                          1. Dang, that was one long posting! Sorry for the length. And good luck with the date! : )

                                                            PS I find any place with excellent service, or where the waiter knows my date and treats us special, to be very romantic.

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                                                              THX for the great detail...I dont mind at all...and at least I know whats gong on...haha ....I have a thing about views in a restaurant so its a must...