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Jan 8, 2007 07:10 AM

Gastropod (Vancouver)

Can anyone provide comments on this restaurant that recently opened on 4th? A group is headed there later in the week and I want to make sure we're not making a mistake. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. Coooooooper:

    I have not been myself. However, the comments I have read "elsewhere" ... delibertately vague to avoid aggravating the Chow Team by referring to "competition" ... have been quite good.

    I would appreciate reading your reaction if you do go as we are heading out to Vancouver next month or early March.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Am planning on going Friday and hope to find the time to do a review for you.

    2. I was there shortly after it opened in December and there last night. Both times excellent. Food portions are now right--first time a tad small I thought. Service is smooth. Food is innovative, extremely well presented and delicious. I have had both the pork and the beef, both perfectly prepared. A genuinely comfortable room--now with added candles--for true fine diners without any pretension or wallop to the wallet. Gastropod could be a reference for a perfect little neighbourhood bistro in Vancouver. Oh yes, the wine list is now greatly expanded since the first time I visited. Highly recommended.

      1. dinner at Gastropod on Saturday night - fantastic service and food! Request the table that is raised at the back of the room, best seat in the house. The pate is served with the most perfect homemade raisin bread, and the house made break is quite delicious as well. Cocktails and food superb. The room itself is a tad bland, but the buzz of conversation makes up for it.
        Finish with the bourbon chocolate cake served with a sponge toffee - heavenly!
        A great neighborhood haunt.

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        1. re: ZoeyZinger

          Gastropod is closing...but it is a good thing. Angus An will replace it with a high-end Thai resto called Maenam. (see details in the "thai thread" here)

          Gastropod is open for only a few more weeks...they are targetting a re-opening as Maenam in May. So get out there while you still can.