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Jan 8, 2007 06:25 AM

Best afternoon tea and Sunday brunch in Hong Kong

Hi all, my husband and I are visiting Hong Kong this weekend and I've been searching online for the best afternoon tea and brunch offerings. Most of what I've read points to the Peninsula (for tea) and the Landmark Mandarin Oriental (for both), is that pretty accurate? Any advice or other recs would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Nicholinis @ the Conrad hotel is the winner!

    1. Peninsula for tea, most definitely

      Most of the upscale hotels probably serve a good Sunday brunch. Grand Hyatt on HK side was pretty good.

      1. Nicholini does serve a good brunch. Cafe 2 is good too.

        1. We do afternoon tea around the world. Read about the Peninsula and tried it. Please, check out the Verandah restaurant at the Peninsula instead. We were there two years ago at Christmas time. The tea downstairs was a major disappointment, I think they are tired of doing it for tourists. For the same price, we went upstairs for lunch. It was a combined served main course from a limited menu and an amazing (but limited)buffet of huge shrimp, salads, two soups, and a display of about 20 tiny dessert choices. Service that was world class as you sat at your table. So amazing and really excellent food--not like an American gorge yourself experience but really well prepared food.

          Hope people going to Hong Kong plan on the Christmas New year time when the city is decorated, Dec 8??? to February or whenever Chinese New Year lands. Really delightful.

          1. I've tried both and i am not impressed with the Peninsula.
            For afternoon tea i would definitely recommend landmark mandarin oriental or mandarin oriental hotel, they are only 5 minutes away from each other and they both serve good afternoon tea:-)