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Best afternoon tea and Sunday brunch in Hong Kong

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Hi all, my husband and I are visiting Hong Kong this weekend and I've been searching online for the best afternoon tea and brunch offerings. Most of what I've read points to the Peninsula (for tea) and the Landmark Mandarin Oriental (for both), is that pretty accurate? Any advice or other recs would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Nicholinis @ the Conrad hotel is the winner!

    1. Peninsula for tea, most definitely

      Most of the upscale hotels probably serve a good Sunday brunch. Grand Hyatt on HK side was pretty good.

      1. Nicholini does serve a good brunch. Cafe 2 is good too.

        1. We do afternoon tea around the world. Read about the Peninsula and tried it. Please, check out the Verandah restaurant at the Peninsula instead. We were there two years ago at Christmas time. The tea downstairs was a major disappointment, I think they are tired of doing it for tourists. For the same price, we went upstairs for lunch. It was a combined served main course from a limited menu and an amazing (but limited)buffet of huge shrimp, salads, two soups, and a display of about 20 tiny dessert choices. Service that was world class as you sat at your table. So amazing and really excellent food--not like an American gorge yourself experience but really well prepared food.

          Hope people going to Hong Kong plan on the Christmas New year time when the city is decorated, Dec 8??? to February or whenever Chinese New Year lands. Really delightful.

          1. I've tried both and i am not impressed with the Peninsula.
            For afternoon tea i would definitely recommend landmark mandarin oriental or mandarin oriental hotel, they are only 5 minutes away from each other and they both serve good afternoon tea:-)

            1. During my last visit to HK, I just had to see what the big hype was at the Peninsula hotel. I wasn't very impressed, neither. Mainly due to the fact that the restaurant/cafe is situated in the main hall (?? I think) of the entrance. I found it quite weird to be sitting and eating in such a location. The food wasn't very much on the WOW factor as most people claim neither. Maybe it's due to the fact that I'm used to eating such foods (scones, cakes, croissants, finger sandwiches), I didn't see that it was such a big deal.
              I'm glad I experienced it, nonetheless. Be prepared to pay ~250$HKD per guest :)

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                Afternoon tea is certainly a personal choice and coming from the UK I have to confess I am a little choosy. Having had the privilege to try a fair few at some of the best Hotels in Hong Kong (i.e. Mandarin, Peninsula, Park Lane, Four Seasons to name but a few) Four Seasons in Central, HK comes out tops for me. The service is superior with gorgeous scones and a moderate selection of finger sandwiches/cakes/savouries but if scones are your thing (as they are mine) the Four Seasons have in my opinion the best scones by far with proper clotted cream (from Devon I'm informed) and the ambience is lovely. Park Lane served cream of the squeezy tin type !!! I understand this to be a local preference, but, if you ask for the real mcCoy they will oblige.With reference to the Peninsula, I too wanted to see what all the hype was about and was mildy disappointed, the scones seemed as though they had been microwaved !! (they turned hard once they cooled). I'm sure you'll be as thrilled as I was with the four seasons, please let me know how you get on if you do choose to go there. Enjoy.

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                  I've never had afternoon tea in hong kong but have had it in London several times (Savoy before renovation, the Ritz, etc). How would you compare the ones in London to the ones in Hong Kong? Is one generally better than the other?

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                  If you go to the Pen, it's the Verandah you should be going to, rather than the lobby - the latter is covered in almost every (bad) guidebook and they're too popular for their own good - last i went (with a friend who insisted), the sandwiches were dry (prepared too early!)

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                      Inside the peninsula hotel in kowloon. It's a semi buffet meal (i.e. all you can eat appetizers and desserts but only one of several choices for entree).

                3. I tried Mandarin Oriental's afternoon tea at the Clipper Lounge last Friday - but somehow, I didn't enjoy it as much as the one at its younger sibling: the Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

                  For one thing, their beautiful sandwiches tasted too dry (prepared waaay earlier & then kept chilled till time to serve?), and so did the scones (both plain & raisin ones). Only saving grace were the clotted cream & rose petal jam for the scones. The mini versions Sachertorte & Mandarin cheesecake were just too average for such a legendary institution.

                  Don't think I'll return - unlike the Peninsula's afternoon tea: now that one's fabulous, I'd do that EVERY DAY if my waistline can afford it!

                  Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
                  5 Connaught Road Hong Kong Central