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Jan 8, 2007 06:10 AM

what else to serve with CHEESE FONDUE

i`m having some girls over for mainly 2 types of cheese fondue and was wondering what else should i serve with it and also, whats the best dessert that goes with fondue?

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  1. Well traditionally there would be bread, boiled potatoes, the little pickles called cornichons, good sliced ham (or any kind of cold cuts). A simple and acidic salad alongside to cut through the fat?

    Probably by the time dessert rolls around you'd need something relatively light and (again) acidic and definitely NOT dairy! I had a nice dessert the other day at the Cafe Colonial in NYC - sliced fruits like strawberry, mango, kiwi & blueberries sprinkled with muscovado sugar and popped under the broiler so the sugar melts and forms a crust over the warm fruit.

    Can I ask what kinds of cheese you are doing?

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      thanks! their both going to be the classic cheese fondue but one of them i`m going to add kabocha pumpkin..

    2. I agree - something sweet, but light - perhaps a lemon or key lime type pie?

      1. You could also serve a dried meat - speck or bunderfleisch.

        1. You might consider a fruity granita for dessert.

          1. Besides the bread and potato thing, I also grill up some baby mushrooms for dunking! Seared and cubed filet is a great thing to dunk as well...

            Dessert-wise, why not a chocolate fondue to continue the theme? Dried fruit, angel food cake, and marshmallows could all be dunked.