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what else to serve with CHEESE FONDUE

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i`m having some girls over for mainly 2 types of cheese fondue and was wondering what else should i serve with it and also, whats the best dessert that goes with fondue?

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  1. Well traditionally there would be bread, boiled potatoes, the little pickles called cornichons, good sliced ham (or any kind of cold cuts). A simple and acidic salad alongside to cut through the fat?

    Probably by the time dessert rolls around you'd need something relatively light and (again) acidic and definitely NOT dairy! I had a nice dessert the other day at the Cafe Colonial in NYC - sliced fruits like strawberry, mango, kiwi & blueberries sprinkled with muscovado sugar and popped under the broiler so the sugar melts and forms a crust over the warm fruit.

    Can I ask what kinds of cheese you are doing?

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      thanks! their both going to be the classic cheese fondue but one of them i`m going to add kabocha pumpkin..

    2. I agree - something sweet, but light - perhaps a lemon or key lime type pie?

      1. You could also serve a dried meat - speck or bunderfleisch.

        1. You might consider a fruity granita for dessert.

          1. Besides the bread and potato thing, I also grill up some baby mushrooms for dunking! Seared and cubed filet is a great thing to dunk as well...

            Dessert-wise, why not a chocolate fondue to continue the theme? Dried fruit, angel food cake, and marshmallows could all be dunked.

            1. we had a cheese fondue on new years eve - we did green apple slices, grapes and a selection of artisan breads from Ace bakery here in Toronto including a cranberry focaccia and a raison and walnut bread that were both great with the cheese and a nice change from the standard french bread.

              1. I did a smoked cheddar and beer fondue and served roasted vegetables (mini potatoes, whole mushrooms, and carrots), cubes of sourdough bread, apples, steamed broccoli and cocktail dogs broiled in a honey barbecue sauce. There was a snowstorm that day.

                But despite the overkill, it really turned out very nicely. Very yummy.

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                  mmmm do you have a recipe for that? that sounds amazing

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                    The smoked cheddar and beer fondue? It was purely accidental, but boy did it turn out good! I hate following recipes--too much structure. I think it originally called for cider, actually. Seriously, if you find just a basic cheddar fondue recipe and mess with it, it should turn out just fine. It's all in the proportions with fondue. Next time around I think I would add in some sage and mustard, just to see what happens...

                2. tart apples! also might want a bit of good chocolate around (not to dip of course) yumm!

                  1. We like to dip asparagus, green beans, brussel sprouts, apples (5 different varieties last time!), pears, mushrooms, pearl onions, green onions, broccoli, cauliflower, ciabatta, and occasionally I pick up fingerling potatoes.

                    Last time we had two cheese fondues: 1) cheddar, beer, mustard, and cayenne and 2) smoked gouda, gruyere, curry powder, and hard cider

                    umm ... cheese!

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                      I was just gonna say - green veggies (or other strongly flavoured ones) would be perfect!

                      And I know this will sound anti-chowish, but hotdog pieces (or in my case, veggie dog pieces) are great in there too!

                    2. for dessert
                      CHOCOLATE FONDUE of course
                      with mashmallows, rice krispie treats, strawberries, pound cake, brownies, pretzels

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                        Try making ice cream balls for the choco fondue - those were a huge hit for us. Turkey Hill makes a banana split ice cream that works great for this.

                      2. A nice crisp green salad...very simple, perhaps with cucumber and red onion and a simple vinegarett, would do well.

                          1. When we do fondue, we always have bread, potatoes, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Asparagus and apples are good additions, too.

                            For a side, I would do a green salad.

                            For dessert, definitely go with something light and fruity -- maybe simply serve a mixed fruit plate.

                            1. I always precede cheese fondue with ceviche. It seems.. I dunno.. *bracing*. You get a lot of lime and chiles and raw onions, then follow that up with oleaginous cheeeeese.

                              Same theory as the green salad I guess.

                              1. My family's standard dippers for regular Swiss fondue are:

                                cubed sourdough
                                linguica sausage
                                button mushrooms
                                cherry tomatoes
                                bell peppers
                                (all those veggies are raw)

                                It seems like I'm forgetting something....

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                                  I'd also add broccoli - I like to blanche the veggies rather than serve them raw....

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                                    Yeah, it seems that people are always mentioning blanching the veggies, so I tried it once, and still prefer the raw. More crunch, and probably a lot of it is that's how I grew up eating it, so it just tastes right to me. Probably, though, the blanching is more traditional. The linguica, too, is waaaaaaaay off from Switz, but man, is it a good combo!

                                2. We usually have a cheese fondue with an assortment of pickled vegetables (sweet pickles, sour pickles, pickled perl onions, pickled asparagus, pickled cauliflower...well, you get the idea) and olives (kalamata, sicilian, etc.). These are all served in small dishes around the fondue pot. These are not for dipping in the cheese, these are an accompaniment. The acid will help diminish the effects of the cheese.

                                  A tossed salad after the fondue will help considerably. I usually make a dressing from white balsamic, olive oil, garlic and white pepper.

                                  Have a few bottles of red wine to serve with the meal.

                                  Dessert, if we're not stuffed, is usually fruit and small squares of dark chocolate.

                                  Have a great time with your fondue!

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                                    I like this idea a lot, but heck - why not dip them in the cheese? I suppose it might add some flavor to it, but one could use a small spoon.

                                    Similarly on the potentialy messy side - you could use some chunks of smoked ham or sausage/pepperoni - something very dry would make the most sense.

                                  2. We just did a three cheese fondue with champagne. There's a recipe on epicurious. (Cheeses are gruyere, emmental and brie): http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

                                    Instead of the gruyere, I substituted raclette and also added a small smashed garlic clove.

                                    Served it with baguette, slightly steamed broccoli, boiled fingerlings, watermelon radishes and baby carrots arrayed on a platter.

                                    Pretty unconventional but it was my favorite fondue ever.

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                                    1. re: thejulia

                                      wow! i am adding a third fondue! that sounds amazing! should i do this instead of the classic and do it with the pumpkin one? everyone love it?

                                      1. re: yum

                                        I use that same Epicurious champagne fondue recipe and it's a huge hit every time. If you're serving a bunch of veggies and stuff for dipping, the pumpkin one might be overkill. I can imagine some people not loving the pumpkin fondue, but the champagne one really rocks. Just my opinion... have a blast either way!

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                                        We had this tonight for supper. Delicious! Had it with bread, cherry tomatoes, steamed cauliflower, and opened a jar of cornichons. Followed the recipe except for rubbing the pot with garlic and using kirsch. Used up the last lemon in a pitcher of water yesterday and didn't want to go out for one. It was really good, thank you for posting this link.

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                                          CHERRY TOMATOES! I knew I was forgetting something in my list of dippers somewhere above.

                                      3. Everyone did love this fondue! We served it with Julia's chocolate mousse as dessert, and it was REALLY RICH, so I wouldn't recommend that (though it was a fantastic mousse). I've never tried the pumpkin one, but I definitely like this three cheese with champagne more than any classic one I've tried.

                                        1. thin slice ham and roast beef work nicely with cheese fondue

                                          the pumpkin recipes sounds amazing!

                                          1. I agree with the folks who said that dessert should be light and non-dairy. If you don't want to go with "just" fruit, then how about some meringue shells filled with mixed macerated fruits and a drizzle of warm chocolate/chili/brandy sauce.

                                            1. I enjoy dipping crisp apples into the cheese fondue-I also make a cheddar cheese fondue with onions and mushrooms-yum-