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Jan 8, 2007 05:35 AM

south beach brunch?

nemo's? blue door? somewhere else? 3 of us from NYC are looking for a yummy and fun place to have sunday brunch before we leave miami. any help appreciated.

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  1. See the bottom of my other post to your general SOBE question. Blue Door's brunch is inconsistent btw, when it is on, it is very good but nemo is still better than Blue Door.

    1. Also consider Talula - probably not quite as nice a spot as Nemo or Blue Door but the food is quite good.

      1. Strictly food-wise: Nemo vs. Talula? both seem to be buffet style $30 meals.

        1. I only went for dinner to both, but Nemo is way better in my opinion.

          1. also, if anyone has any more economical favorite brunch recs, that would be great too. :)