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Jan 8, 2007 04:48 AM

One night. One dinner. Best friend. First Austin.....Tell me!

I'm visting one of my BEST FRIENDS on the planet. We have one fabulous dinner. Me = foodie that will eat anything. Him = loves a good steak, great Italian food, good roast chicken. Want a "hip" vibe without the fake food, icky people. Basically looking for one FAB dinner that will please the foodie in me and won't scare off the others. Ambience is key. Old school meets modern welcomed. Make sense? Hope so!!!!

tokyoastrogirl Tuna Toast:

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  1. I say Vespaio - I was there a while back and it was great....try the squash ravioli...mmmm

    1. I agree - Vespaio will meet most of the criteria you are looking for, but with any "hip" vibe place you'll get the icky people, and Vespiao does have a "place to be seen" crowd at times. The food, however, is very good. Another suggestions would be Starlite (, a personal favorite which I think would enjoy.

        1. Given your requirements, I recommend Wink's fixed price menu. They usually feature one or two steaks (or steak-like options) for people who want to go that way.

          Their current menu is on their website.