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Jan 8, 2007 04:47 AM

Seeking dinner recommendations for Sunday January 14, Islington-Dundas area

My date and I will attend a chroal concert at the Islington United Church, 25 Burnhamthorpe Road. The concert is at 3 pm and we would like to have dinner afterwards in that area. I was thinking Oregano Grill, but they close on Sundays.

Any suggestions are welcome, except pub or japanese.

Awaiting your answers!

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  1. You did not mention your budget - I would head to Sushi Kaji on the Queensway at Islington.
    Fantastic food but a little pricey. Just thinking, Hmmm.. I have never been there on Sunday, cannot remember if they are open or not.

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    1. re: tartetatin

      Sorry but I mentioned, no japanese!!!

    2. Merlot for French food. Good food, friendly service. Right at Islington and Bloor, but not sure whether they are open on Sunday.

      1. Merlot is royal york and bloor (one block east). That whole strip has a few selections:
        Green Mango = great of my favourite places.
        Barcelona = spanish tapas
        Vibo = Italian

        If you like pasta, my family enjoys Rocco's Plum Tomatoe on islington, about 5 mins south of bloor - on the west side. Their fried calamari and pasta dishes are great, and the prices are good to. We go there often.

        1. Sorry Fredster, it helps to read the whole post, right:)
          I can't think of a place other than the ones that have been mentioned. I hope you enjoy your concert and dinner.