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Jan 8, 2007 02:53 AM

Anyone go to Hunan place called Dong Ting Chun?

Jonathan Gold loved it, but i don't see much said about it on chowhound...

Dong Ting Chun, 140 W. San Gabriel Ave., No. 206, San Gabriel, (626) 288-6558. Open daily 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Beer and wine. Takeout. Lot parking. MC, V. Dinner for two, food only,

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  1. We ate there tonight because of a mixup with directions. It is the same location as the old Green Village. We had the very tasty special sausage (star anise, peppers, chilis), braised pork (fine but I don't need it again), eggplant with string beans (tasty if heavy), and braised pumpkin with artichokes (no artichokes, instead something like a lily, blandish soup).

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      So, thumbs up on the braised pumpkin dish? We were curious but didn't order it.

      1. Dined there twice over a two-day period. Tried the following: Dong Ting special sausage, Chairman Mau's pork, stir-fried eggplant and long bean, spicy fish paper pot, farmer's toss-fried pork with black bean and pepper, Dong Ting special duck, sauteed Taiwanese lettuce, and pumpkin "pie."

        Love the flavors overall but the cooking seems a bit off. Both the Chairman Mau and the farmer's toss-fried pork were tougher than I would prefer. The lettuce was ever-so-slightly overcooked. The subtle chile-orange glaze on the duck was very enjoyable, but, again, the duck wasn't roasted very well. The flat pumpkin "pies" (really rice cakes) were out of this world the first night, then strangely thick and tough the second night.

        A mixed bag, really. And a bit of a disappointment. I'd love to hear others' perspectives on this place!

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          I've had some of their paper pots and other dishes, and while they're good, haven't had anything truly great.

          The fish head casserole, is what we always order here. You get one (actually only half) of a head off of some huge fish (don't know what kind). Braised and topped with a mound of Hunan spices and chilies. I loved this dish back when I first had it at Crown Cafe's old location.

          What other Hunan restaurant does a stellar version of this dish?

        2. Very uneven.

          Some dishes are good, others taste like something from Panda Express ...

          1. where is 140 W. San Gabriel anyway?

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              Uh, the address in the original post and J. Gold's article is wrong. It's actually 140 W Valley Blvd., San Gabriel, i.e., the San Gabriel Square complex with 99 Ranch, Sam Woo, etc. Dong Ting Chun is on the second level, just above Sam Woo BBQ.