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Jan 8, 2007 02:37 AM

Hudson Restaurant Week--JC Recs?

Hello from the Outer Boroughs Board. Considering a move to Jersey City and think that Hudson Restaurant Week may be a good way to start looking!

I have never been to JC so would love tips as to the best on this list--best value as well as overall food. Thanks!

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  1. Best restaurants - offering best value and food - is definitely Edwards. However there's a new restaurant that just opened that has been consistently good - O'Connell's.


    1. thanks, did not know Hudson cnty or any of nj was participating in Restaurant Week. Do u know if any other areas in nj are? thx

      1. South Jersey - outside of Philly just started one a few months ago - the next one is in March. Here is the website:

        I believe on the shore Red Bank does a prix-fixe menu program on Wednesdays not sure what time of year though (I think the fall)