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Jan 8, 2007 01:16 AM

Mission Pie Open

A great new cafe and pie shop opened at 25th and Mission: Mission Pie. It's a pretty, cosy spot with a selection of three kinds of organic, fair-trade coffee, a nice variety of teas, and pumpkin, apple and walnut pies as well as pastries and organic fruit and juice.

The great thing about this place--other than being a great place to stop in for coffee on your way to BART in the morning--is that it's a venture started by the Pie Ranch folks. Pie Ranch is a farm dedicated not only to sustainable agriculture, but also to "inspire youth to transform their relationships to food,and to work with their communities in building healthier local food systems."

The pies are made with ingredients from the ranch, the workers are Mission High students who have been working on the farm, and while I sound like a PR flack, I'm not connected to the place in any way. I just had a great cup of coffee and a slice of pie this afternoon, and wanted to encourage Hounds in the neighborhood to stop in.

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  1. Is this the place on the corner, next to the Southern Exposure gallery?

    1. Yes, it is the place next to Southern Exposure. I've been excited about it because Joe, the owner of Destination Baking, is heavily involved with the project and makes incredibly great pie.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I had the apple pie--great flaky crust and big chunks of tart apples. The tart I wanted to try but had no buy-in form my crew was an Italian dessert tart made with chard, raisins, rum and lemon.

          I'm thinking pie for breakfast on my way to work!

        2. i just ate a slice of the apple pie. the filling was very bright and tart, which is how i like it. but i could see some people objecting, thinking there was too much lemon in the filling. the crust was sweet and flaky. thankfully it wasn't overwhelmed with cinnamon, which i think is the most common failing of apple pies. i didn't see any walnut pie, which i probably would've tried. i should've asked. there was pumpkin, but after the holidays...blah. they also sell single serving savory pies. flavors i saw were rosemary beef, spinach and cheese, and a veggie curry. i was going to buy the beef one, but i've got another cold pie of a different sort leftover in the fridge: a pizza

          the pie ranch people that opened this place have high school kids staffing the store. the girl working the register had clearly just been taught how to use it and seemed shy, so things may be a bit slow until they get confident and practiced, so be patient and smile. it's not just tasty pie, it' s a worthy cause as well. and right around the corner from my house! i'm in trouble.

          1. I went yesterday--what a great place to have in the neighborhood. They offered apple, pumpkin and walnut sweet pies as well as some savory pies. It was $3.50 per slice or $18 per pie, which may seem a little pricey considering this isn't 18th and Guerrero, but I thought it was well worth it for a big slab of pie made with organic apples. And a good cause to boot!

            My slice of apple had the perfect balance of tart-sweet and a crispy crust. Too often I find apple pies either too mushy, too lemony, or a bit soapy-tasting, but this was really wonderful. The clerk said the pies are made by a guy named Joe who owns a bakery in Glen Park.

            The clerk seemed like a Mission hipster type to me--I didn't see any high school-aged kids working here.

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            1. re: pane

              As I posted above, that bakery is Destination Baking and Joe is the owner. Tartine doesn't make fruit pies (addressing your mention of 18th & Guerrero) and their cream pies (tarts, they call them) are $28 for a 9".

              1. re: Atomica

                Tartine does make apple pies actually.

                I tried the apple galettes, which were $5 each. They were elegant (nicer looking than a slice of pie) and decent tasting. The savory pies looked interesting, but they were $5.75, which seemed a little steep.

                Good tea selection, and it's a sunny little corner, with later hours than most of the bakeries nearby.

                1. re: Windy

                  The savory pies are made by someone other than Joe from Destination. The ingredients do sound interesting, but the presentation isn't pleasing to my eye. I want to SEE the filling. These are fully enclosed, carrying-around pies.

                  Joe also makes incredible berry pies, so watch for those in the future. I didn't notice if Mission Pie has an a la mode option, but they'd better work on that if they don't. I think I'll stop back for the walnut. When I was in, they only had 2 types of apple (pie & galette) and 2 types of pumpkin (small & large). I think it's too late for pumpkin pie, and I can't stand it anyway. Someone who popped in while I was there asked if they were going to have cream pies. I know the employees are writing down everything customers are interested in seeing.

                  How much does Tartine charge for an apple pie? I'm there pretty frequently and I've never seen one.

                  1. re: Windy

                    The Mission kids work in the shop after school and on weekends --but I think there's only five of them so far.

                  2. re: Atomica

                    Thanks for the clarification on Destination--I'll have to check it out if I'm in Glen Park. On the Tartine comment, I was referring to them, but also the fact that that businesses in that strip (Delfina, BiRite, etc.) have, in general, higher prices than you'll find in the 25th & Mission area.

                    I think a person (like me) who might otherwise pick up a treat at Tartine or BiRite won't flinch at $3.50 for a slice of pie, but others might find it steep compared to restaurants and shops in the immediate vicinity.