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Jan 8, 2007 01:10 AM

Trying to drink more water--how to make it more interesting?

I've been trying to drink more water, in lieu of Diet Coke. Aside from tea, lemon or lime, what other things can I add to water to make it more interesting that also doesn't require a lot of sugar?

I have a bottle of rosewater in my cupboard--is there a simple beverage I could make with that? Or, maybe something with orange blossom water?


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  1. mint - I just read that sipping water throughout the day is better for you than gulping a whole glass at once. Interesting, no?

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      Oh, mint! Of course, great idea. Perhaps sipping it throughout the day help keep you steadily hydrated?


    2. The topic of this thread came up here months ago and someone posted the idea of sliced cucumber in really is refreshing!

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        No kidding! Cucumber, eh?

        I thought this was such a weird topic, I didn't search on it, though I had searched on "rosewater." You're right--it's been discussed before. Here are a couple of "flavored water" threads.


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I love cucumber water but you can up the ante by adding some thin slices of tangerine, orange, lemon - any thing citrus to the blend. The trick is to make just what you're going to drink that day. It gets murky and a little icky after that.

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            I love cucumber water! The real thing is even better than Hint water's "cucumber" flavor. From spas I've also gotten the ideas for strawberry water, strawberry and rosemary water, mint and cucumber water, cucumber and orange slice water, and more. My favorite is strawberry and rosemary.

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            Yeah, at some of the spas in town they put cucumber and lemon or lime in big pitchers throughout and it is extremely refreshing. I also go with the mint, but I usually take a straw and beat it in the bottom of the glass to get some of the flavor out of it. Thank God I love plain water and it is my drink of choice!

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              I put cukes in water, too. I dislike cukes alone (most of the time), but they are really great in ice-cold water.

            2. I make a fresh pitcher of iced tea every night to keep in the frige. There's a range of Celestial Seasonings "zingers" out there that make good choices. Just takes a few minutes and my whole family loves it.

              1. When I am at the spa they serve Strawberry water which is simply water with sliced strawberries floating in it. It tastes and smells delicious. You can do this with lots of fruits including citrus.

                Another thing I like to add to water is Orange flavored Crystal Light made with Splenda. I use only half the cup of powder and add some fresh lemon, lime or orange slices.

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