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Jan 8, 2007 12:59 AM

Quiet Nice Restaurant downtown for six people

Any recs for a restaurant that is *quiet* below 14th street for a nice dinner / good wine? Is fresh in Tribeca quiet? We'll be six for dinner.


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  1. i would suggest that you look into five points on hope you find a great place.

    1. Thanks -- we like Five Points but we've been there before with my future in-laws. This is the dinner where they will be introduced to my parents. Is Salt quiet? Orchard? Falai? Thanks!!

      1. Out of those three, I've only tried salt and I absolutely loved everything about it. Now, for quiet... hmmm... I remember that the seating is very close together so it may not be the perfect setting for your dinner. I'm curious to see what the chowhounds think. I'll let you know if I come up with any additional suggestions but my favorite downtown places happen to be a bit on the crowded/noisey side than I would like.

        1. One if by land, two if by sea is quite quiet and have good food and wine. It is also less formal that say Chanterelles. You can ask the waiter to sit you at one of those corner tables close to the garden and it should be quiet.

          Address is 17 Barrow Street

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            no, no, no. Wildly despised by chowhounds. Please do a search for this.

            Bouley is an option. Danube.

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              Hi chow_gal,

              I think based on the past posts people were split in half about OIBL TIBS. My own experience was actually quite well! The food was good if you ordered the right things. But then again I haven't been there for 2, 3 years so if things have slipped I might not be aware it.

              I do agree with Bouley though. The last time I went it was EXCELLENT!

          2. I'd recommend Hearth. It won't be silent but will not be loud, the tables are nicely spaced, I've had excellent service there, the food is very satisfying, and I think the wine list will satisfy you. Failing that, you can consider Lavagna and Col Legno, but both those places are quite a step or two below Hearth.

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              clearly we've been thinking like chowhounds, because the only two nice restaurants we've taken the in-laws to are hearth and five points!

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                Well, you could try reserving the back room at Lupa. I was underwhelmed with my last meal there, but many people are still raving about it, so you have a decent chance of a very good meal there, I hope.