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Jan 8, 2007 12:13 AM

Building a new house -- need recommendations for gas range

I'm a semi-heavy duty home cook about to begin construction on a new house and need to make appliance selections now. I know I definitely want gas but haven't been able to find many reviews of Wolf, DCS, Dacor, etc. Any recommendations?

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  1. This should be on Cookware but I'll give you one caveat. Be wary of glass top cooktops. I am a pretty heavy duty home cook and my GE Monogram gas and glass cooktop shattered on New Year's Eve. I chalked it up to glass fatigue. After 16 years of hard use the glass just gave up. I was sure my DH who was down stairs in garage could hear my curses. I ran into a friend a few days later and told her my tale of frustration and desperation. She told me that one of her friends father is an engineer for another appliance company and he told her that having the glass shatter is not uncommon even with brand new tops.

    1. Get thee to and read up.

      1. Short answers:

        Your query has been answered many times in the past including the recent past. Scroll down this board for some information. Even better, follow Ted's advice above and go to the Garden Web's Appliance forum, which has far more information. Be aware, however, that you can spend hours there and you'll just get more and more conflicting opinions. You often will get tips on special offers and such, however.

        If you are looking for performance in your stovetop/range, buy a Bluestar. If your emphasis in on looks, you might select from one of those you mentioned. Google "Prizer Painter" to get to the Bluestar website.

        Don't forget the need for good ventilation, including make up air--see some threads below on this topic. Vent-a-hood is probably the best residential hood.

        You say you're in the South. If you are anywhere near Altanta, Guy Gunter Appliances carries Bluestar. Ask for Tom.

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          Have a Blue Star. Almost nine months now, and I love it. Not cheap but it has my vote. Will probably never buy another range.

        2. Stay away from GE even if they give it for free. GE are the worst appliances you can possibly find. I have three and every single one of them broke within 3 years of normal use.

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            But then...
            My 20+ year old GE side-by-side fridge looks as good today as the day I bought it and has been terrific. So have the other GE appliances I have. Just bought a new GE Profile convection oven and I love it.
            Consumer Reports rates them very highly as does the repair man we have used for years for our rental properties.

            The only reason I say this is to point out how confusing this topic is. There are indeed some manufacturers with high rates of problems. There are some lemons from the best.
            But a lot of it all boils down to what YOU want. How do YOU cook? And how much are you willing to shell out? Some people want trophy appliances and other people don't care what name brand is stamped on the stove.

            In a perfect world, I'd spring for the big Blue Star. But realistically, I don't need it and can be perfectly happy spending half that and still take care of resale value. Not sure where I'll end up...

            1. re: MakingSense

              You have a point but let me just tell you what happened recently with my GE fridge.
              One morning I open the fridge and everything is frozen. All my groceries I bought 2 days ago are rock hard. I freak out because we have a 6 week old baby and need a fridge to keep the breast milk. I manage to save a few items and call GE service. They come in the afternoon.
              The guy doesn't even bother inspecting the fridge. When I explain the situation he tells me it is the computer and changes it. Since it is covered under the warranty I pay nothing. He adds that he has seen the same problem a lot but that with a new computer I am good to go.
              So I went to buy new groceries and my wife made new milk.
              The next morning I open the fridge and again everything is frozen. I call GE and this time I am told that I have to wait 3 days before service. I explain the situation with the baby and the milk but it doesn't seem to help. I don't even get an apology for losing 200$ worth of groceries.
              We had to negotiate for about 2 hours over the phone to get someone to come the next day. We even asked for an alternative solution to GE service but they had none.
              The next day the guy shows up and this time inspects the fridge. He finds out that the sensor of the thermostat is dead and replaces it. It is a 12 $ part but it ends up costing me 200 $ for labor and service.
              So total cost: 200$ X 2 for groceries + 200$ for service: 600$ for a fridge that is worth 1200$ new.
              No apology, disgraceful (borderline insulting) attitude on the phone, incompetent service.
              Conclusion: American brands are no longer what they were. When I was a kid, buying American products was a dream. These days it's a nightmare.

              1. re: ngardet

                I hear ya. A friend who bought the same GE fridge I have at about the same time lost 2 compressors in a row within about 2 months. Mine has been trouble-free. Go figure.
                Then Skip, the appliance repair guy who does our rental properties, can tell you chapter and verse on about every brand, American and foreign, low to highest end.

                The only solution I have found is that I buy the simplest appliances I can, the fewest bells and whistles. Less to go wrong that way. Cheaper repairs.
                Your $1200 fridge is no more likely to be a lemon than the $5000 Sub-Zero. It all seems to be a crap shoot.
                My sympathies on your fridge saga. Hope it's over now.

                1. re: ngardet

                  I feel your pain, but still, it's a crap shoot. And based on your story, it seems the problem was more with the repair guy than the appliance itself. Any appliance can have a problem, GE or anybody else, and you just can't extrapolate from one experience to condem a whole brand. Anyway, you can't tell who really makes the stuff. For example, some GE Profile stoves are made by DCS, one of the best brands (Owned by Fisher-Paykel which is a New Zealand company I believe). Everybody's french door fridges are made by Amana or LG. Bosch washing machines are made in North Carolina. Whirlpool's front loaders are made in Germany by a Bosch competitor.

                  BTW, that sensor that caused your original problem, very likely, is not made by GE but by a third-party suppler who supplies parts to a number of manufacturers. So even if you buy another make you can still get the same parts.

                  This kind of thing is everywhere in the appliance business. Simply going by brand name doesn't get you very far any longer.

            2. I just re model my home a brought a 6 burner Wolf with 1200cfm range hood . So far so good. It also cooks food alot faster.