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Jan 7, 2007 11:58 PM

Pei Wei anyone?

Do any of you like PF Changs, but would rather have it as a more casual experience, an easy take-out option, or just have it at your table right away? Then you would want a Pei Wei in your town. Pei Wei is a growth vehicle of PF Changs, offering all of the above. Join me in emailing the folks at Pei Wei requesting they add one in the Chicago area. We might just be able to make it happen. :)

Email them here:


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  1. I agree! Pei Wei is excellent -- used to live in Phoenix and I miss PW. We NEED Pei Wei in Chicago!

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    1. re: durzia

      Shouldn't this be in the homogenous, Americanized, for the unadventurous Chain Board? I ate at Pei Wei once in Scottsdale and found the food oversalted big time.

      With all the great "real" Asian food in Chicago, it's a crime to go to Pei Wei or PF Changs.

      Just my humble opinion.

    2. Pei Wei is opening on Logan and Elston!

      1. There is also one going in in Willowbrook, I believe.