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Jan 7, 2007 11:34 PM

Weekend in San Diego - need suggestions....

My husband is in San Diego for three weeks and my 6-year old son & I will be traveling from Orlando in a couple of weeks to spend the weekend. I've booked a whale watching trip on the Americas Cup sailing ship (as a surprise) and I expect we'll go to the Zoo, as well, but I need some help on the chow. I'd like to get a fantastic picnic lunch --- bread, cheese, olives, wine, etc. (and something for the little one) for the boat --- I did find Bread & Cie on-line but wondering if there are some other suggestions...since I'm out of town, I need to be able to get it all in one place...some place that would pack it would be great. Also looking for some great seafood, someplace to get a cold beer and easy lunch/early dinner and any place the locals go that should not be missed...thanks...BTW - if you have any suggestions for sushi or dim sum...just in case we have the time...

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  1. I don't think I can be much help with the picnic for the boat, but have some other ideas. Point Loma Seafoods would be a good spot for lunch or an early dinner. They close early, 7 pm, I think, and are often swamped with tourists, but the food is fresh and delicious, American style seafood. I believe they serve beer? Not sure, maybe someone else will know for certain? The best spots for dim sum are Emerald and Pearl, IMO. Emerald's sining room is older and Pearl has a more pleasant location, but either has great selection and pretty good food. I've only ever had a few misses there, after many meals. I wish they allowed dim sum to order along with the cart service, but it's not LA or SF, you know? As to sushi, I can unequivocally recommend Izakaya Sakura, a Japanese restaurant with an unmarked storefront at 3904 Convoy St. If you can use chopsticks and don't need California roll, this is your spot. The sushi is excellent and traditional. ETA, and I've seen kids in Sakura, too. Your son could probably get noodles or something else fairly simple if he's not a raw fish eater.

    1. What part of town are you going to be in? There are several places you can get a good picnic - if you are sailing out of Point Loma I would call Con Pane and order ahead, they are very slow with service if you walk in, but if you order it shouldn't be too bad. Bread and Cie is also good, and if you have the time, Whole Foods (also in Hillcrest) is a good place to shop for picnic supplies.

      I've heard people rave about Izakaya Sakura, but haven't tried it yet. Point Loma Seafoods should fit the bill for your seafood place. You'll get a lot of differing opinions about what should "not be missed." I have a list of links to my favorite local spots on my blog, Another place that is raved about on here is Super Cocina for Mexican. I keep meaning to try it but just haven't had a chance. Good luck and enjoy the trip - the boat sounds like fun!

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        Whole Foods is a just a few blocks from Bread & Cie, and it also has an excellent bakery selection, so it might be your best one stop place.

      2. Thanks for the great suggestions -- sounds like Point Loma fits the bill for seafood. It's great to hear that Whole Foods is in the area --- I'm already a WF customer and it will work out fantastic...thanks again...

        1. This is completely unrelated to sushi or dim sum, but there is a place in san diego around hillcrest I think (we are from Tucson and just visit every summer) but it is called The Linkery. They make ther own suasage and every imaginable flavor, like 150 or some crazy amount like that - The sausages were AWESOME, very much a local hang out, but f your a true beliver in great food you will check out this spot.

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            I go there quite often and the food is wonderful! They have a great Thai link if you like spicy and the cheese plate always offers some original tastes. Try the grilled asparagus and the roo.

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              I've had a good meal at the Linkery, too, and recommend it. Nice atmosphere, a good balance of hip and comfortable, and the menu is pretty diverse for a small place. Great selections of beer, too.

            2. in addition to above, I'd add Mama Testa's in Hillcrest for all kinds of tacos (soft, crunchy, steamed, floating in broth, etc) and the best salsa bar in the county. Casual, cheap, good for kids too. Lunch and dinner.

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       husband and I love Mexican...I'm totally sold on the floating in broth taco...

                1. re: FLGTR

                  the beef taquitos floating in spicy beef broth is the perfect Mexican cure for "cold" weather! get it w/ the horchata to drink!

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                    For great Mexican you can also try two hidden treasures, Mario De La Mesa (in La Mesa) and Ponces (in Kensington, an old place that has been around for more than 40 years)

                    1. re: Lobstah

                      Would you reveal a little more about these locales?

                      1. re: kare_raisu

                        I resapectfully have to disagree about Mario ́s, ordinary gringo food at best. It ́s in La Mesa where La Mesa Blvd. and University Ave. kind of come together.

                        Mama Testa ́s is on University near Richmond (which is close to teh zoo) in Hillcrest

                        Ponce ́s is - I believe - in the Kensington area. I want to say it ́s on Adam ́s Ave., but I don ́t think that ́s right.

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                          Ponces is indeed on Adams Avenue in Kensington - right of the 15.

                    2. re: daantaat

                      Do you know the name of this type of dish?

                    3. re: FLGTR

                      If you love Mexican, then you owe it to yourselves to make the trip to Super Cocina. Bona-fide homestyle Mexican cuisine like no other place in San Diego.


                      1. re: FLGTR

                        These are on the menu as Tacos Mojado de Res (beef) or Tacos Mojado de Pollo (chicken). They are one of the best things on the menu..........along with the crunchy mashed potato tacos.

                      2. re: daantaat

                        I second Mama Testa. Excellent for inexpensive mexican food in San Diego. Arrive before 7 PM most nights, and beers of the day are $2. I have a very filling plate of Doble Atasco (chorizo in very spicy red sauce) with two beers for less than $15. This dish is recommended for stimulating generation of endorphins!