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Jan 7, 2007 11:19 PM

1st Time in Vegas

Arriving late Thursday, leaving early Sunday - what are the "musts"? Thanks for all your recommendations.

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  1. Depends on what you're willing to spend. Joel Robuchon at the Mansion(MGM) and Guy Savoy at Caesars seem to be THE places to be, for sure-but with each at around $500pp after everything is added up, that's up to you.

    IMHO-Make reservations immediately!! Literally right now. Wait until you get into town and many "must-do" places will be booked.

    I'm a fan of Michael Mina, his new steakhouse, Stripsteak, at Mandalay Bay, is getting raves. I am without any doubt hitting that place when I'm in Vegas in May.

    Le Atelier du Joel Robuchon at MGM, his 'casual' restaurant, is also getting praise.

    If you want seafood, Restaurant Michael Mina at Bellagio is in my opinion tops.

    Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesars is great for lunch and reasonably priced, imho that is a must-do. One of the few 'fine dining' places that is open for lunch.

    I LOVED Fiamma at MGM, very hip Italian food, and very good.

    Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian was awesome! One of the hardest reservations to get in Vegas. Probably too late but check

    1. I love the buttermilk pancakes at the Terrace Pointe Cafe at the Wynn. The pancakes are about an inch thick and as big as your plate, served with sides of whipped butter and warm maple syrup. With, or without blueberries. Go on a sunny morning when you can eat poolside.


      1. what if we wanted to stay in the $100 - $150 per person range for dinner, excluding tax and tip?

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          do you drink ? wine, mixed drinks ?? do you have a car ? what is your preference as to cuisine - french, italian, japanese...etc ? come on....give a little more guidance !!

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            staying at the Bellagio, yes to wine and spirits, no to car, open to all cuisines, prefer casual over formal...

        2. For unique experience, I would remember Aureole which has the four storey wine tower at Mandalay Bay. I like the appetizer and main course there but the dessert is so-so. I really love the decor there, the wine tower is spectacular.

          L'Atelier at MGM is also unique with it's open kitchen, the food is excellent and atmosphere is very casual, however, it may be too casual if you want a fine dining experience. Their tasting menu is $135, but you can order from their a la carte menu which has many many choices.

          Picasso at Bellagio is a classic choice with real Picasso drawings in the dinning room, food is excellent.

          These choices are all below $150, well may be more depends on what type of wine you order. Any yes, you need to make reservation right now.

          1. we have dinner reservations at Delmonico and Bouchon. l'atlier, picasso and Aureole are booked. we will likely hit Bellagio's buffet for lunch, also Mesa Grill. thanks to all for your input.

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              please, please please share the experience with us....i am a big fan of delmonico though i have not been in a year. i've been to aureole 2 times - 1st time, decent but i thought the wines were very expensive ! the 2nd timne ( about 1.5 years many other places to try, so little time ! ) i thought the food quality dropped and the wine was even more expensive ( i mena how much do they pay that cute wine tinkerbell anyways !! lol )

              picasso - ate there last march madness - beautiful space, i was a group much too loud for this classy restaurant, the food perfectly prepared, but i just found it to be....boring !!

              as memorable an experience i had at french laundry, i'm embarrassed to say i have not been to Bouchon...shame on me and i will rectify that soon.

              happy eating !!!