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Anniversary Dinner Theater Dist

Hi all its my Anniversay, well on Jan 5th but I was sick with the flu. So this weekend coming. I have a nice hotel picked out and booked in the Theater dist...now I need to know suggestions for dinner what restaurant in that area do you all recommend. No seafood or Asian type foods. I once remember going to a place and I cannot remember the name, but it was Creol type food ribs and such. Is there a place like that in the theater dist? or Italian is very good too. Please help thanks Chow Hounds...Tour boi

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  1. Cajun/Creole in the theatre district may have been N'Awlins. It's a small place, often with live music. I've only been once, but I remember the atmosphere as charming and the food was good.

    See: www.nawlins.ca

    I have a friend who raved about Tutti Matti, if you're looking for Italian in the theatre district. Apparently the cooking staff is recently back from a tour of Italy, and the food was fantastic and very authentic. This place is on my short list right now, but I haven't been able to try it yet.

    See: www.tuttimatti.com

    Some also like La Fenice for Italian, but I personally found it over-rated.. food was mediocre and atmosphere was a little too stufy and old-school for my taste.

    See: www.lafenice.ca

    Oh, and happy anniversary.

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      Thank you so very much! Tour boi

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        recently as in this past winter? i know for sure tutti matti takes their whole staff in the summer/fall. completely jealous.

        a couple months back they were doing tuffle dishes... the whole place was wafting of its fantastic aroma the second you walked in the door. absolutely tasty and well-priced. although i do sometimes find the service a bit brusque at times. but loooooove the sort of romantic jovial part of the family kind of feel.

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          Recently was probably summer/fall. As I said - I haven't tried this place, but heard about it when food-gossiping with friends. Your description makes it sound even more enticing.

      2. One of the more romantic places near the theatre district is Peter Pan, at Queen and Peter: http://www.peterpanbistro.com/

        The tourist traps on King are a waste of time.

        1. I've been to "Forget About It" a couple times found it good. Food is consistent and the server remmeber us even though our visits were weeks apart!


          1. i second the rec for tutti matti. i have been there twice and both times were really really good. it is really authentic.

            1. I third tutti matti. Pasta is great but the fish (which is the daily special that night) is a bit overcooked.

              1. I like Urban on King W. Always had good meals there. It is a little overpriced, though.


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                  My experience at Urban was very different. The food is mediocre and completely ruined by the unfriendly and unprofessional staff. I definitely won't go back.

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                    Sorry to hear that.

                    I have eaten there 3 times; the food was excellent the first two times, not so great the third. Two out of three, I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt.

                    Sat on the patio the first time, and got excellent service. The other two times the SO and I dined in the back room, next to the bar and fireplace - found that was a perfect spot for us! Service was quite good on both those occasions.

                    All of these dining experiences were over a year ago, I should probably add.