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Jan 7, 2007 11:07 PM

Anniversary Dinner Theater Dist

Hi all its my Anniversay, well on Jan 5th but I was sick with the flu. So this weekend coming. I have a nice hotel picked out and booked in the Theater I need to know suggestions for dinner what restaurant in that area do you all recommend. No seafood or Asian type foods. I once remember going to a place and I cannot remember the name, but it was Creol type food ribs and such. Is there a place like that in the theater dist? or Italian is very good too. Please help thanks Chow Hounds...Tour boi

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  1. Cajun/Creole in the theatre district may have been N'Awlins. It's a small place, often with live music. I've only been once, but I remember the atmosphere as charming and the food was good.


    I have a friend who raved about Tutti Matti, if you're looking for Italian in the theatre district. Apparently the cooking staff is recently back from a tour of Italy, and the food was fantastic and very authentic. This place is on my short list right now, but I haven't been able to try it yet.


    Some also like La Fenice for Italian, but I personally found it over-rated.. food was mediocre and atmosphere was a little too stufy and old-school for my taste.


    Oh, and happy anniversary.

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      Thank you so very much! Tour boi

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        recently as in this past winter? i know for sure tutti matti takes their whole staff in the summer/fall. completely jealous.

        a couple months back they were doing tuffle dishes... the whole place was wafting of its fantastic aroma the second you walked in the door. absolutely tasty and well-priced. although i do sometimes find the service a bit brusque at times. but loooooove the sort of romantic jovial part of the family kind of feel.

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          Recently was probably summer/fall. As I said - I haven't tried this place, but heard about it when food-gossiping with friends. Your description makes it sound even more enticing.

      2. One of the more romantic places near the theatre district is Peter Pan, at Queen and Peter:

        The tourist traps on King are a waste of time.

        1. I've been to "Forget About It" a couple times found it good. Food is consistent and the server remmeber us even though our visits were weeks apart!

          1. i second the rec for tutti matti. i have been there twice and both times were really really good. it is really authentic.

            1. I third tutti matti. Pasta is great but the fish (which is the daily special that night) is a bit overcooked.