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gnocchi in rome?

I love gnocchi in the states. I can only imagine how delicious it might be in rome! any recommendations on restaurants with excellent gnocchi?

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  1. we'll be there mid next month

    1. Keep in mind that gnocchi in Rome usually means, literally, Gnocchi alla Romana, the baked semolina variety, often with a sauce and cheese, not the usual potato variety that we are used to. I can't remember what is the traditional day- might be Wednesday, but it seems to be the universal dish of the day in every ristorante, trattoria and osteria. Can't go wrong.

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        I checked my notes from last year: Matricianella, Thursday, potato gnocchi with tomato sauce. Very good!!

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          >>Keep in mind that gnocchi in Rome usually means, literally, Gnocchi alla Romana, the baked semolina variety, often with a sauce and cheese,<<

          You are correct that gnocchi alla romana is the baked semolina variety, but in my dozen or more trips to Rome, I have never seen it in a restaurant. In my experience, the Thursday gnocchi is the potato variety. Take a look at this link....


          I have seen the semolina variety in shops that have prepared food to take home but the only place that I ever saw it on a restaurant menu was in a hotel dining room in Sesto Calende, near Malpensa Airport.

          If anyone can direct me to a place in Rome (or anywhere else in Italy) where the baked semolina variety can be had, I will be grateful.

        2. one of our traveling companions in Italy ordered Gnocchi at nearly every meal, including Rome. He was happy happy with every dish. Our first was north of the Vatican, out on the sidewalk a block from a chowhound-recommended place that was closed (at 1:00 p.m., a frustration we met frequently). Next time I go I am taking one or two destination restaurant names, and the rest I will find by happy accident.

          1. Giovedi' gnocchi - Thursday is the traditional gnocchi day in Rome. Many restaurants will feature them, if they aren't on the regular menu. I can't think of any place in particular, though.

            1. great. I wanted to try matricianella....so sounds like a plan

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                Just a note to say that we had a truly mediocre meal at Matricianella a couple of years ago...perhaps it was an off-day but it didn't make us want to return.

              2. Actually, Matricianella was the place I mentioned that was closed. So we backtracked to the place in the next block that was open. It was good too.

                1. Hmmm I was going to go to Matricianella when we are in rome next month, perhaps i'll change to somewhere else.