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Jan 7, 2007 10:45 PM

Favorite Cheese?

I had't eaten Old Amsterdam in a while, but just picked up a wedge today. I had forgotten how truly glorious this cheese is with some water crackers and granny smith apples. YUMMY! So what's your favorite cheese?

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  1. Haven't had it in a long time, but Crowley's (Vermont) extra sharp Colby was terrific.

    1. For me, it's a question of what ISN'T my favorite-I love them all. But if forced to choose just one, it would be Cowgirl Creamery's Pierce Pt.

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      1. re: rosielucchesini

        Only tried it recently and understand it has a short season. It was wonderful.

        My all time favorite is Berkswell from Neil's Yard. It is pricey but worth it.

      2. True Roquefort is just plain sexy on the palate. Second only to Brie de Meaux in this respect.

        Of course this is all IMHO.

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        1. re: CDouglas

          Sexy is exactly how I would describe Roquefort. Oh my. Excuse me now.

        2. After being in Paris for 3 weeks, it was a delight to come home and have some terrific aged Wisconsin Chedder with a Granny Smith apple.

          1. Right now, I am a big fan of Bergenost, which is a semi-soft Norwegian cheese. Tastes like brie but is not as soft and with out the rind. They are selling one at Trader Joe's.