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Jan 7, 2007 10:18 PM

Cafe Appollonia changing to Boston Brickhouse

I wish I had tried it when a number of hounds suggested it. Must not procrastinate when it comes to good food.

There are reports on the web that Appollonia is changing.

Cafe Apollonia on Belgrade Avenue re-opens on Jan. 18 as the Boston Brickhouse

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  1. That really stinks. Cafe Apollonia was a terrific little place that was also the only Albanian restaurant in the Boston area.

    What is going on in Boston? The list of great restaurants closing down keeps growing. I know the restaurant business is a tough one, but the last few weeks have been particularly rough.

    1. Man, I never got there either. Boston Brickhouse sounds totally generic.

      1. Could this be the same owner as the Brickouse Cafe in Dedham--former owner of the old Vinny Marino's Casa Beruit in Roslindale?

        If so, there's hope!

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        1. re: SeaSide Tomato

          no, this is a different establishment w/ different owners. The owner of Cafe Appolonia, Marlin, still has his hand in this restaurant, but they have 2 other partners as well, a son and father team. The son, Julio, used to bartend at Appolonia. The father and son have reportedly known Marlin and his family for 5 years. I don['t know if they were partners of Appolonia or not.

        2. This is terribly sad news!!!! We loved that place to pieces.

          1. I believe so; heard from someone who works at the Brickhouse in Dedham.