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Cafe Appollonia changing to Boston Brickhouse

I wish I had tried it when a number of hounds suggested it. Must not procrastinate when it comes to good food.

There are reports on the web that Appollonia is changing.


Cafe Apollonia on Belgrade Avenue re-opens on Jan. 18 as the Boston Brickhouse

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  1. That really stinks. Cafe Apollonia was a terrific little place that was also the only Albanian restaurant in the Boston area.

    What is going on in Boston? The list of great restaurants closing down keeps growing. I know the restaurant business is a tough one, but the last few weeks have been particularly rough.

    1. Man, I never got there either. Boston Brickhouse sounds totally generic.

      1. Could this be the same owner as the Brickouse Cafe in Dedham--former owner of the old Vinny Marino's Casa Beruit in Roslindale?

        If so, there's hope!

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          no, this is a different establishment w/ different owners. The owner of Cafe Appolonia, Marlin, still has his hand in this restaurant, but they have 2 other partners as well, a son and father team. The son, Julio, used to bartend at Appolonia. The father and son have reportedly known Marlin and his family for 5 years. I don['t know if they were partners of Appolonia or not.

        2. This is terribly sad news!!!! We loved that place to pieces.

          1. I believe so; heard from someone who works at the Brickhouse in Dedham.

            1. I spoke to the owner today. He has partnered up with the people who own Alba in Quincy. They are keeping some Albanian specialties on the menu.

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                Well, this is starting to sounds a little better. I was worried that they would become just another place for a burger and a beer (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it would have been a big comedown from Apollonia).

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                  Trust me...I've been there 6 times and the only "Albanian" thing kept on the menu is their yogurt and garlic dip with pita chips. The rest is burgers, pizza, salads and some main dishes. They are having a horrible time getting it straight over there. In the 6 times we went, 4 times they screwed up our orders and we waited a lifetime for the screw up.
                  All we ordered each time was simple things like burger, soup, salad...


                  1. re: nmf2

                    Only one question though : why would u keep going for the fifth or sixth time ... at all ?

                2. I would jump and and down for joy if anythng associated with Alba were coming to a location near me!!! Be happy!

                  1. Tonight might be a good night to check it out.

                    At 7:30 p.m., Thursday evening, the restaurant plans to hold an open house with free samples of some of their new dishes.

                    Article about the change:

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                      I saw them putting up the sign when I drove by last nite but at a quick glance, the interior didn't look ready to go. Report back if anyone goes (I hate missing a freebie).

                    2. Sorry, I can't imagine driving to Roslindale for yet another place serving Italian food and burgers, even with a few token surviving Albanian dishes (renamed so as not to freak people out, I guess).

                      It's a shame: Apollonia was a real treasure. Wonderful and unique Albanian food, great atmosphere, fine service, good prices. I am going to bang my head against a wall now.

                      1. I was a big fan of Cafe Appolonia, too, and introduced various friends and family to it. I had heard via the grapevine that service had deteriorated quite a bit. My husband and I went there in the Fall, along with another couple who ate there frequently, and basically, they all said they would never go back. I can't imagine what happened! Did Marlon leave? It's really such a shame because I loved that restaurant.

                        1. Why do all the fun, interesting places seem to close so quickly, while you never hear of a Ruby Tuesday's closing (I only wish...)?

                          I've missed out on the Istanbul Cafe (twice), Classic India in Quincy closed, the Chinatown Eatery, El Taino in Rozzie (which I went to once and didn't get a chance to get back to before it closed), Fontaine's (sorry, but Vintage just doesn't do when you have a craving for a platter of boneless fried chicken and banana fritters), Anna's Hungarian Kitchen in Quincy (yummy). And now this place, which I had wanted to try. I guess I'd better get to Cafe Polonia before they suddenly close up...

                          Oh well...

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                            Bite your tongue! If Polonia closes, I'll probably need to check into an institution for a few weeks. I had an amazing meal there last weekend; can't wait to get back.

                          2. I'm pissed! I just recently discovered Cafe Appolonia and absolutely loved it! I'm Albanian and always wanted a real authentic Albanian place to eat. Took my wife there in September for her birthday and she was blown away. Awesome food and VERY reasonably priced. The moment I walked in the smells brought me back to 40 years ago sitting in my Nana's kitchen... oh the memories.

                            When my birthday came November 28th, she asked me where I wanted to go for dinner and naturally I quickly said Appolonia. We drove the hour and a half to get there (foolishly not calling first) only to find it closed. I was so bummed!

                            I agree with all of you... we don't need another generic "Boston whatever" ... we need more real authentic ethnic small family owned places... I'm so sick of franchise food! I know it'll never be the same, and I don't care if they add burgers or whatever to the menu, but I truely hope they keep some (or all) of the real Albanian recepies when they reopen.

                            Anyone been there yet? What's it like? Any Albanian food? Any and all info would be appreciated.

                            Ras Bardhylis

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                              Ugh, sorry to hear you drove all that way for nothing. I haven't been to the new place yet, and am not sure if I will, since I liked Apollonia so much.

                              With all the restaurant closings (and openings) going on constantly in Boston and other cities, I wonder if Chowhound would consider setting up a "sub-board" for each city where people could put up notices letting folks know when a restaurant closes.

                            2. Adam at Universalhub went over the weekend...

                              "(but I didn't see any of the promised Albanian holdovers from Cafe Apollonia; unless maybe I missed them in the menu)."

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                                Out with the braised lamb and in with the grande nachos. It is indeed a sad day...

                              2. Is this place ALBA in Quincy actually an Albanian restaurant, or owned by Albs, or have any real Alb items on their menu???

                                Any info will be appreciated ;)