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Jan 7, 2007 10:17 PM

New York Veggie

I'm going to be in NYC for a few days and will be looking for vegan or macro restaurants. Ideas?

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  1. Try Candle 79 and/or Candle Cafe. The Cafe is more casual, but the food is as wonderful. This is high end vegan fare: creative and delicious.

    Two other restaurants that we like: Counter (in the East Village)...It's about 95% vegan (some dairy). And Blossom.

    1. For macrobiotic I like Souen on 13th between University and Fifth.

        1. Gobo and Red Bamboo are favorites of mine...but definitely Candle Cafe or Candle79!

          1. Pure Food and Wine is vegan and all raw. Their dishes are more creative. Only onpen for dinner though. Here is the link:

            Pure Food and Wine
            54 Irving
            New York, NY 10016