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Jan 7, 2007 10:11 PM

St. Louis pre-Symphony Eats

Heading to the Lou later this month and going to the symphony. Meeting friends who will likely stay in the Central West End. Restaurant recs for the Grand Center/Central West End area? I thought about the Tenderloin Room at the Chase. Haven't eaten there since the 80's, but it was good then. Also, not in the immediate area, I am strongly thinking about 1111 Mississippi. Thoughts chowhounds?

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  1. Go to Atlas

    You can thank all of those who will back up my continued recommendation.

    1. I'm one of those who is backing up bobzemuda. Atlas is wonderful, service, food and atmosphere. We love it.

      1. Looks great. Just in case we can't get a res (looks small and we are on a time frame) are the other two I mentioned good? Or would you recommend other CWE places?

        1. I'll back Bob on Atlas, the other place I would try would be King Louie, which is a touch out of the way but not that much.

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          1. re: Phaedrus

            Thanks everyone, looks great. I am planning to stay overnight now and would love another recommendation, maybe for Sunday brunch? Also, has anyone been to Niche? Sounds and looks great!

            1. re: ddfry3

              Niche is also excellent. From what I've gathered, 1111 isn't as good as it once was, and I've never heard anything good about the Tenderloin Room.

              Terrene is another good choice in the CWE area.

              1. re: bobzemuda

                I was at 1111 last weekend, and it was much better than any time I've been there in the last year and a half. Maybe Bruce Piatek is hitting his stride. We're going again in a month for their "Tuscan Tuesday", and I've got high expectations.

                1. re: sheriffblalock

                  I hope that's the case as I went to culinary school with Bruce and he is a really nice guy. At the time, I was pretty unimpressed with his skill and comfort in a kitchen, however.

                  My main issues with 1111 are the same as my issues with other St. Louis restaurants in the Tim Mallet mold....they don't update the menu much, and they don't adhere to seasonality.

          2. I suggest Savor on Lindell - it will be right on your way from the Central West End to Symphony Hall. Nice food in uplifting surroundings. Should put you in the mood for the symphony.

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            1. re: Doug

              I would call Savor to see if they can deal with a pre-symphony meal. I have always had long languid meals there, i.e. very enjoyable but maybe not the best way to go if you have a place to go after the meal.

              1. re: Phaedrus

                Thanks everyone. Additional recs regardless of location (other than metro St. Louis) welcome. Especially inventive stuff welcome. There is good eating where I live and visit Chicago for what I can't get here!