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Jan 7, 2007 09:55 PM

Anyone done the Dim Sum in North Garden, Manchester NH?

We just did dim sum in Boston China Town today, loving it but we spend more time going north. I read recently that North Garden in Manch does Dim Sum - is it good. Do they really come around with the fresh food on carts? Or is it menu and you order?

We discovered dim sum in seattle and now hooked. What a blast today at Chau Chau City on Essex St. We've done China Pearl in Woburn too and that was great but Manchester for a fix woudl be awesome too if it's the real thing.

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  1. Sorry, haven't been, it is on my list.

    Here's the website.

    There is also a South Garden, that I thought was a sister restaurant, and I thought had its own website. Not finding one though. Plus it isn't listed on the North site.

    South Garden Restaurant
    559 Daniel Webster Hwy
    Merrimack, NH 03054-3424
    (603) 429-4289

    The South Garden did have dim sum on Saturdays and Sundays. I know I saw a menu on line, but it was probably over a year ago. The South Garden is in the old Anna Etelli's- sorry for really scewing up the spelling- that then became Gallo's or something.

    I'm sure I'm really confusing you now! Time to log off I think!

    Just found my old post - there were some good reviews from just about a year ago.

    1. Yes, I love the dim sum at North Garden.

      1. Is it traditional dim sum where they go around with all the carts and you take from the carts, or is it just order from the menu?

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          You order from a menu, but it is the most authentic dim sum around. I believe the menu is online. Do you live in Manchester?

        2. No, in Ma. but I'm in Manch a lot, up and down 93 - family's in the Lakes Region. Looking to buy real estate in Manch or surrounding area - been looking at property lately there.

          1. email me at if you want insider tips to the city ;-)