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Anyone done the Dim Sum in North Garden, Manchester NH?

We just did dim sum in Boston China Town today, loving it but we spend more time going north. I read recently that North Garden in Manch does Dim Sum - is it good. Do they really come around with the fresh food on carts? Or is it menu and you order?

We discovered dim sum in seattle and now hooked. What a blast today at Chau Chau City on Essex St. We've done China Pearl in Woburn too and that was great but Manchester for a fix woudl be awesome too if it's the real thing.

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  1. Sorry, haven't been, it is on my list.

    Here's the website.

    There is also a South Garden, that I thought was a sister restaurant, and I thought had its own website. Not finding one though. Plus it isn't listed on the North site.

    South Garden Restaurant
    559 Daniel Webster Hwy
    Merrimack, NH 03054-3424
    (603) 429-4289

    The South Garden did have dim sum on Saturdays and Sundays. I know I saw a menu on line, but it was probably over a year ago. The South Garden is in the old Anna Etelli's- sorry for really scewing up the spelling- that then became Gallo's or something.

    I'm sure I'm really confusing you now! Time to log off I think!

    Just found my old post - there were some good reviews from just about a year ago.


    1. Yes, I love the dim sum at North Garden.

      1. Is it traditional dim sum where they go around with all the carts and you take from the carts, or is it just order from the menu?

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          You order from a menu, but it is the most authentic dim sum around. I believe the menu is online. Do you live in Manchester?

        2. No, in Ma. but I'm in Manch a lot, up and down 93 - family's in the Lakes Region. Looking to buy real estate in Manch or surrounding area - been looking at property lately there.

          1. email me at franny03104@yahoo.com if you want insider tips to the city ;-)

            1. Dim sum in Manchester, who would have thunk it. I lived there 30 years ago and there might have been 2 Chinese restaurants there then. I LOVE dim sum and will travel for it, but not two hours although if I have occasion to be in Manchester for anything (at this point it will probably be someone's funeral) I'll try to fit it in.

              1. We just moved to NH from NYC. We were pleasantly surprised to have good dim sum at South Garden in Merrimack. It is a sister restaurant to North Garden. The food is good and the service is always friendly. They also have dim sum on Mondays--which was a great way to spend New Year's Day!

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                  Does south garden do the rolling cart dim sum or order from the menu? I just love the traditional dim sum with the rolling carts because I really don't know what I like yet, I know by sight, it's all a very visial experience for me - that's what makes it fun. Plus you can grab a few things from several carts, rest, chat, etc. then as more carts come by grab a few more different items - I would think ordering would be just a one shot deal.

                  I just love the whole traditional diim sum experience and I'm not sure there is anything north of Woburn, Ma.

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                    Sorry, they don't do the cart thing at South Garden. You do order off the menu but the food is so reasonably priced it's easy to order quite a few things to taste them. I hear you on the seeing it to have what you think is appealing.. but if Vivian is there she'll walk you through the menu. Definitely try the rice soup (jook) as well-- so warm and filling! Bring a few people so you can try even more things. A good fix for dim sum!

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                      Yesterday we had lunch for the first time at North Garden. You need to have good directions. Fortunately we were coming from the Mall of NH so used their website directions from Bedford. It's probably closer to St Anselm's than to downtown Manchester. My husband decided to play stodgy frugal and simply chose a lunch plate plus one dim sum plate of rice rolls with shrimp. I loved all my choices which included the steamed buns sampler (choice of 3). I'm not sure if I've ever had steamed buns before. These were very light. Two of my choices were sweet but even the one with barbecued chicken was sweet. My husband's lunch plate was nothing special, the typical fried egg roll with lots of fried rice, but I think the accompanying hot and sour soup was the best I've ever tasted. This is a favorite of my husband's but usually the soups are just too sour for my tastes. North Garden's broth had a wonderful, slightly thickened consistency with subtle accents of sweet mixed with sour. I'm not sure where the sweet came from. The typical sliced scallions also added a fresh, onion contrast. I enjoyed the remainder of his soup. The luncheon plate alone was plenty, so soup and one dim sum was too much for his appetite. He really didn't like the rice rolls and I think this is because they were an entirely new taste for him. The shrimp were those tiny tiny salty dried shrimps I've seen on oriental grocery shelves and wondered about. Basically the rolls are a bland flavor speckled with the salty specs. I might order again. The beef in my chow foon was very tender. I also ordered deep fried shrimp dumplings which contained nothing but shrimp. Although I hav had more fun in dim sum restaurants with rolling carts, I loved what I ordered and am looking forward to trying other unusual (to us) dishes. I did not try the sticky rice simply because we made some in a Chinese cooking class I took at Concord High School's adult ed program and I did not try the chicken claws because we wondered if they were literally chicken claws. Would love to hear someone's report of what they are like.
                      Our waitress may have been overworked with kitchen duties. Although our meal was not rushed, she never checked on us and took our order so quickly we had to grab her to ask for hot tea. Since I was struggling with my choices I wish she had been helpful instead of impatient.

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                        Chicken "claws" are actually chicken feet. Not a favorite of mine, they have a nice taste and sauce but really just a little bit of skin on the bones and not much substance to eat.

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                          Yes, chicken feet are all about the skin...people who love chicken skin will love chicken feet.

                2. Thanks, we'll have to give it a shot when we need the fix and aren't heading south. Although my last dim sum adventure threw me into a terrible 4 day migraine - I think the msg was the culprit. I may wait to test out for proof that that was the trigger. :-)

                  1. The North Garden has somewhat palatable dimsum. If you are familiar with the dimsum in Boston, you would be disappointed by the quality of the dishes. They used to be very good but have become tired over the past few years. South Garden is the "sister" restaurant, but run by singaporeans (who have a bad attitude). There were several times when i was short changed in the bill (so check your bill carefully). The real star is another place on the river in Dracut- not the typical dimsum you are accustomed to, but "Taiwanese style" and extraordinary. No 'pushcart merchandising' here - just good food put out in AYCE buffet style. Ask a close chinese friend for the name of the place (Hint.... another "Garden" restaurant).

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                      What sort of items do they have on the Lin Garden Buffet?

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                        hargau - you get the prize! Lin Garden is a Taiwanese place so in addition to the "standard" cantonese har gau, siu mai, wu gok, ham sue gok, char siu bau, jook, etc., they also have some Taiwanese specialties - such as a "long slippery noodle soup" (with intestines), "xue li hong" ("red in snow" - a vegetable) with pork, rock crab cooked with ginger and scallion, etc. A separate table is placed for sweet dishes - love that approach myself! There is an excellent view of the river too. I eat there often, and have never been disappointed. Very nice friendly staff and management.

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                          Just got back from the North garden in Manchester. They were not serving dim sum so i ordered Dinner. It was ok. Dumplings were a bit doughy. The hot pot garlic chicken was good. I agree with harqau. Lin Garden in Dracut is the place to go. Can't go wrong.