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Food related license plates

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On New Years Day, I had to take a 50 mile trip on the LIE. I was hungover from the previous night's festivities and it was raining miserably - but it was to see my brand new born niece and nephew, so sooo worth it. :) :) The drive still sucked, though. I was behind an SUV for about ten miles that had the license plate "WDNSPN". Which, I interpreted as, "Wooden Spoon". Of course, it made me think of cooking. Just wondering if any CH'ers out there have plates celebrating their love of all things food?

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  1. Not mine, but seen at CIA in Hyde Park: "SLOWFOOD", "GR8BREAD"

    1. BLU CHZ
      CHZCAKE - one could assume that means food! :)
      PNT BTR - ? peanut butter
      WINE O

      Just a few I remember off hand. I've got a pocket notebook in my truck where I've written down interest plates for years. I'll see what else I can find there later.

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        haha - "burp" is cute. :)

      2. I've seen:


        1. Didn't Kramer (Seinfeld) have a pizzaman license plate in one epi?

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            it was assman

            1. re: janedoe67

              Great minds. Same exact time.

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              IT was ASSMAN. He got the wrong plate, it was some doctor's. This belongs in the Seinfeld thread, but it's not about food.

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                ah! my mind was on food...wrong show.