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Jan 7, 2007 09:44 PM

Philadelphia take-out

I have asked many different times for take-out suggestions. I just want to update the forum regarding take-out choices. Where as I am generally satisfied when I go out to dinner (even if a restaurant does not excite me), mediocre or worse take-out frequently makes me ill.

Until now, excellent take-out choices included Szechuan Tasty House, Banana Leaf, Taqueria La Veracruzana, and La Lupe. To these you can now add Tiffin, an Indian place on Girard. I picked my meal up but presumably the food would have been the same delivered.

Anyone else (hopefully you are as sensitive I am where take-out is concerned)?

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  1. My faves are in the Rittenhouse area.

    I like Pietro's for pizza and salads, Mizu Sushi, and Mama's Vegetarian. The "control freak" menu at Marathon isn't bad either. For a greasy fix, I opt for a grilled cheese with tomato on wheat and onion rings at Little Pete's!

    1. I should have written "delivery" for take-out, sorry