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Burrata Cheese

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Where can I get burrata cheese in the East Bay?

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  1. If you have an A.G. Ferrari's, I've seen it there.

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      I've bought it at the one on Solano Ave in Berkeley. You have to call in and ask to be put on the list unless they have it in stock. They only get shipments in every other week or so and it goes fast!

    2. I have seen it at Cowgirl Creamery at the Ferry Building

      1. Here's a old thread with tons of places.

        Besides A.G. Ferrari's in the East Bay it mentions
        Maybe Whole Foods
        The Pasta Shop
        Farmstead Cheeses (Alameda


        Anyone interested in SF, besides Cowgirl
        Say Cheese
        Bryan's Market (the larger grocery store, not the smaller meat/fish market) on California Street

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          Farmstead isn't carrying it anymore -- it's very perishable, and they were having to discard too much of it if they couldn't sell it in 2-3 days.

        2. I haven't been in for a while, but the Bristol Frams in the Westfield Center did have well priced Gioia burrata, my favorite kind.

          1. I wouldn't say that we're not carrying it anymore Ruth. It's a seasonal thing. People associate it with tomatoes. So when the tomatoes are in season, we have great demand for burrata and bufala mozzarella

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              Well, my memory is that you did "say it" -- but I'm glad to know I'm wrong!

            2. JeffyD, is Farmstead only selling it in the summer, early fall? Can it be special ordered and if so, what is the minimum order?

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                I don't know if that might cross the line into a commercial posting. Why don't you call Farmstead directly?

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  Sure, I can do that but thought maybe a chow group might put together an order. I like to eat it wih other things besides tomatoes and if it was a good product I would like to get it without leaving Alameda.

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                    It's definitely available since it's on the list at A16 year-round. Personally I prefer burrata plain.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      It is available all year - it's just so darned persihable that most cheese stores only carry it when tomatoes are in season.

                    2. re: foodfan

                      I just don't want to get JeffyD in trouble for promoting his shop inappropriately. If you find out the info, you can post back the answer. I'd be happy to take a ball or two from an order.

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        I sent an email directly, thanks for the suggestion. I'll post if I can / will try to raise an order ~

                2. I asked for it at The Cheeseboard last Friday and they said they hope to get it in this week. I believe he said Wednesday (today).

                  1. I special ordered some directly from Jeff at Farmstead and he seemed happy to help, even with a small order of 12 - 1 oz balls. Takes a couple of days to come in so planning ahead is necessary. Burrata right after the Fancy Food show ~ promises to be a decadent week!

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                      I've never seen a one-ounce burrata. Is that from Gioia?

                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                        Yes, Gioia. Jeff says the burrata is available in either 1# balls or 1 oz. When I asked him if there was a difference in texture he says not, the larger is more party sized while the 1 ouncers are for more personal consumption. The 1 oz balls come 12 to a case. He has ordered them for me and they will arrive Tuesday ~ I'll post after I have eaten one. Or four.

                    2. Actually, I think that they are 1.5 oz. No matter - they are the perfect size for two.

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                        I think they are actually larger than that ~ I think the box is labeled 2.5 pounds which would actually make them about 3.5 oz. I still have (1!) at my house, I'll weigh it tonight. The cheese was great ~ sweet, creamy, delicate. We ate it plain with thick sliced toast and a chopped artichoke heart, roasted red bell pepper and celery salad on the side. Just great! I tried one at the Fancy Food show from Italy that must have been older, not as sweet and more separation into cream and cheese layers and I liked these much better.

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                          A 1.5-ounce ball is not the perfect size for two if I'm one of them!

                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            Got some at the Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building. It doesn't come packed in leaves like in Puglia but nevertheless, it was delicious. You pull out the strandy rags of pure mozzarella with the gooey cream inside and ladle it onto toast points, sprinkle a bit of red sea salt and crunch away with some cherry tomatoes. You need to consume within 24 hours. Which is not a problem.