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Jan 7, 2007 08:28 PM

The Best Dried Pasta.

These are my Favorites
De Cecco
DI Martino
Puglisi, a/k/a Rienzi Pasta
La Bottega della Pasta
Del Verde
Rummo Lenta Lavorazione
What do the Chowhounds cook with.

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  1. DeCecco absolutely, but I like Barilla,too. Depends on what I'm having. I prefer DeCecco
    for macaroni, Barillla for anything else.

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    1. re: MaspethMaven

      These are my two brands too. Esp Barilla, I find that it is never gummy and somehow more al dente when cooked properly than other brands.

    2. DeCecco, Rustichella, Barilla, Pasta Setaro, Martinelli, DelVerde

      1. Has anyone tried Latini pasta? I just buy whatever Italian brand they're currently selling at Costco.

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        1. re: operagirl

          Latini is good but verrrry expensive.

        2. WOW, looks like I need to explore the world of dry pasta more. I usually use DeCecco & Barilla too.

          1. Latini is excellent as well; forgot about them.